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About Play4perks & our sister clubs: p4p2, p4p3 and p4p4.

Play4perks is a top 300 club, asks for 25,000 points a week, completes 6 perks every week, and most of the time 7 perks. We prefer to recruit from one of our sister clubs when a spot is open. This helps us know who the “team” players are before they get there :slight_smile:

p4p2 we ask for 10,000 points a week, although we have members who earn well above that. We complete 5 or 6 perks a week.

In Play4perks and p4p2 we require members to at least check chat, because in Play4perks we do perks out of order, and in p4p2, we sometimes work on perk 7 without completing 6.

p4p3 and p4p4 only asks for 1,000 points a week. We generally use these clubs to recruit into the stronger 2 clubs, but finding members who check chat is difficult to say the least.

When our club members cannot play as much, they often move into one of our clubs that are more suited to the points they earn to be fair to the other members (only if it’s more than a few days).

If you are interested in joining our managerie, let me know :smiley:


Hi CindyLu, I have created another FB acct for playing tripeaks. I have been in approximately 4 different clubs, ranking from #900’s to #8, of which I got invitations for. I am now searching for another, but seems everyone says “Don’t meet the club requirements “. What are the typical requirements? Knowing this will help me prepare my new ID for being accepted into a good club. Thanks for any info you can share :blush:

Hi @LisaAnn, other than the point retirements listed above, our only other requirement is communication. If a member is idle for a few days, didn’t give us a heads up, and I don’t have a way to find out if they are ever coming back, then I don’t have a whole lot of choices if I want to be fair to the rest of the team. I usually invite them to at least one of the other clubs before I remove them though. :smiley:

Yes…all of these requirements I understand. It is when I hit the Request Join! button that a pop up comes up saying “You Don’t meet the Club Requirements”. I am getting this from clubs of all rankings.

Do you still have room? I’m looking for a new club. Thanks

Oh, I get it now @LisaAnn! I’m not sure why you’re being told that, at least for Play4perks, the only requirement is to finish Tiki Island first. But I think you have to do that before you are eligible to join any club. Interesting. If you are getting it a lot, maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

@HMS, I think we have room in p4p4 right now. If you are interested, let me know your game name so I know it’s you doing the requesting. :slight_smile:

My game name is Hope. Thank you.

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@HMS I sent you a PM on this forum :slight_smile:

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Original post updated :slight_smile:

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Some clubs require certain islands to be unlocked in order to join. I think mine is set at the 4th island.

Our island requirement is pretty low, we have a couple people who just stay on the first 2 island for cheap tribute hands. That helps when you have more time than coins :smile:

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Update, 5/2/18
We have a couple openings in p4p3 & p4p4 .
Please let me if interested in joining our family :slight_smile:

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We have space available in p4p2, p4p3 & p4p4 right now if anyone is interested. :smiley:

Update, we have a spot available in Play4perks, p4p2 and p4p4. Read the descriptions above and let me know if you are interested (and which club you are interested in).

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Can i join your club?

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Hi @Conzales_Zegikniet, I have spots available in p4p3 and p4p4 right now. I might have a spot open in p4p2 or Play4perks in a week or two. How many points do you earn each week, and in which club were you interested? :slight_smile:

I would be interested in joining. I usually earn at least 15k points per week.

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Hi @pebblecat! Cool! Let me know what your game screen name is, and you can request to join p4p3 or p4p4 today if you want. Note, there are 2 clubs named p4p3. I accidently left the first one, and lost the horns to someone who doesn’t pay attention to chat or manage the club. So I created a new p4p3. Look for the Invite Only club.

Next week I’ll have a spot open in p4p2 :slight_smile:

My screen name is. Pebble. I will try and join one of the lower clubs today. Please let me know when a spot comes open in p4p2. Thanks

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