Your forever club family! 🙌

Hi all, we have a club structure where our members move between our clubs - each club requiring different levels of points. Play4perks, p4p2, p4p3 and p4p4.

This week we had 3 people move out of our medium level club…p4p2.

In p4p2, we ask for 10,000 points a week. If you earn more or less points than that, you can move up or down.

Here is more info on our clubs:

Let me know if you are interested in joining us!


I lost my team and place.I starting over from the very beginning,after approx 2 years straight. 56 perks great digging and quests. I Linda(California)

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@Linda_Graham , it would be helpful to let people know how many points you can make each week.

Oh I will be back in a few minutes. I am at aloss right now. Please be patient Linda

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Here I again I just got back on Facebook. I was locked out soI a little confused. Anyway I shall return


Ok since I started over I have,14,600 points


Ok @Linda_Graham, CindyLu will be right here lol

Hi @Linda_Graham, you are doing great on points. We’re less than half way through the week…so the points you have indicates you can earn about 30,000 points a week. That’s awesome! We have a spot open in p4p2, which only requires 10,000 points a week. We may have a spot open in Play4perks next week, where we ask for 25,000 points a week.

We have 4 teams and move people back and forth between the four teams whenever life happens, and our members can play more or less than usual. This way no one gets booted.

Members of Play4perks and p4p2 freely chat…and we have messenger groups to coordinate team efforts.

Here is more info about us:
Join the Play4perks Menagerie

@Linda_Graham, if you agree to join p4p2 now, you can move into Play4perks as soon as the spot is open. The best way into Play4perks is too move from one of our other clubs.

@Linda_Graham, if you request to join p4p2, we’ll accept that request

How dI get here again. I would like to join

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@Linda_Graham, if you are in a club, go to the clubhouse (Club icon, button right corner then tap on your clubhouse icon) then, once inside, tap on the discover tab. In the search line, type p4p2

If you are not in a club, after you tap on the Club icon, then tap “Find” then p4p2

@Linda_Graham , what is your screen name in the game?

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Linda. Is my screen name


@Linda_Graham , did you request to join p4p2?