Play4perks has a spot available

Hi all, we have a spot available in Play4perks. This does not happen often! We usually have a waiting list from our sister clubs that are ready to move in.

We switch back and forth between platinum and diamond club leagues.

Joining our FB group is desirable so if you don’t play for a for a few days, I can ask if you have a real life problem you need to deal with, and take time off (a few days, or hang out in one of our sister clubs for a while). I rarely ever remove a player from any of our 4 clubs because we can usually figure out something that works for all.

To find out more about our clubs, check here, and let me know if you are interested:


I’m looking for a new club. I prefer a committed, but easy-going club. I can easily do 10k a week with a couple hundred tributes. 24 hour isle preferred (I haven’t missed playing a day for more than 600 days. Impressive or just sad? :joy:)
Maybe P4P 2 could work?
Let me know ASAP, please. Thanks!


@ApocalypticAmber, I love you already! P4p2 is full right now, but we switch around when needed. Are you interested in joining p4p3, until a spot opens in p4p2?

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Yes ,I am ready to play

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@Marybear, Play4perks is full now. How many points do you earn each week. We have other clubs.