Play4perks opening

Hi y’all, we have an opening in Play4perks. We ask for 25,000 points a week.

We have 4 clubs set up to never have to boot anyone when life happens. So be prepared to be a longtime member of you join! :smiley:

Find out more about us here
Join the Play4perks Menagerie

Let me know if you are interested :smile:


Hi Cindy:
I am in a club now that mainly speaks german and don’t seem to finish 6 and 7. I average usually 25K or more and the quests seem to be smaller. I am interested in joining Play4perks. I do buy perks.

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Hi Carol, thank you for writing! This is an old post from last July, and right now we don’t have a spot available right now. I’ll let you know when we have a spot available, and see if you are still interested :slight_smile: