The 2020 Heartfelt Holidays Contest!

As we begin to wind up the year that nobody could have ever foreseen, we want to spend at least a little time reflecting on some of the more wonderful elements of our lives. Also, we want to have some fun.

And that is why we introduce the 2020 Heartfelt Holidays Contest! Tell us your one of your heartwarming (short) stories and maybe you’ll just win some sweet, sweet prizes!

There are six categories:

1. Best “Reuniting Story": Reunited and it feels so good! You and a long lost friend or relative, perhaps?
2. Best “Crazy Relatives Story": Uncle Harry eats nothing but mashed potatoes during Thanksgiving?
3. Best “Child’s Gift Story: Perhaps a gift that resonated with you as a child, or maybe your own child?
4. Best “Stuck at Home Story": Maybe being stuck at home isn’t the worst thing?
5. Best “Doing for Others Story": Someone did something for you, or you for them?
6. Best "Funniest Holiday Story": The dog ate the entire meal?

If you have a favorite story that you’ve experienced that you want to tell, check out the categories, and then join the fun! You’ll need to post your entries in the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum under the appropriate place under the “2020 Solitaire TriPeaks Heartfelt Holiday Contest” category.

And of course - there are PRIZES!

First Prize: 500,000 Coins, 5 Wild Cards, 3 Volcano Cards and 5 of each Booster
Second Prize: 400,000 Coins, 5 Wild Cards, 3 Volcano Cards
Third Prize: 300,000 Coins, 5 Wild Cards and 3 Volcano Cards

Here are the basic details: The contest runs from November 14th, 2020 until December 15th at 11:59PM Eastern (10:59PM Central/ 9:59 Mountain/ 8:59PM Pacific). Stories must be posted in the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum under “2020 SOLITAIRE HEARTFELT HOLIDAYS CONTEST!” All stories MUST be written 100% by YOU, and nobody else but you (poo-poo-de-doo!) You may enter once in each category, and must include your name and the name of your story. We highly recommend that you change the name of the folks in your story - especially if their role in the story isn’t the most flattering. Keep 'em relatively short - 3 or 4 paragraphs tops! Your email address in your Forum account must be up-to-date. You must be 18 years old or older and live in the U.S. or Canada (except Quebec) to be eligible and have both a Solitaire TriPeaks and Facebook account.

Here are the full details: The 2020 TriPeaks Heartfelt Holidays Contest OFFICIAL RULES


Love these great holiday events, look forward to reading a lot of them.
Thank you Tripeaks for the great rewards you offer to the winners of these contest!
Good luck to all entries-REMEMBER you can’t win if you don’t enter🤣 so find one and enter

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My story is very sad Christmas want be the same this year I lost my dog of 13 years Monday he was like my 2nd child he will be miss greatly

This a cool game that can take up some time.


Back in the 1970’s, we would all meet at my grandparents house for Christmas. Santa always came by to visit and hand out presents to me and my cousins. He would appear from upstairs saying Hi Hi Hi as he descended the steps. We were always super excited. One year after Santa had been to visit I went upstairs to use the bathroom. I glanced into one of the bedrooms and low and behold, Santa outfit lay on the bed!!! Being 8 years old, I couldn’t resist putting that outfit on. I went down the stairs saying Ho Ho Ho just like Santa did. It took both hands to hold up santas pants, I tripped over them half way down the stairs. Now my little brother and two of the cousins were firm believers in Santa until that very moment and they burst into tears. My aunt was so mad at me but I saw my dad hiding his laughing face. Not going to say I didn’t get into a bit of trouble for ruining Santa for the littler kids, but it was more fun than opening the presents that year!


When my son was about 6 years old we would write his Christmas list to Santa. So one of the things he wanted was the Ready Nose game. For the life of me I’m like what is the ready nose game. I goggled it and nothing came up. He kept saying the Ready nose game, you know mommy the game where his nose lights up. So it hit me… he wanted OPERATION!!! When you hit the metal the nose lights up!! Lol…

My wish for everyone is to remember what is important, EVERYDAY. My sister died at the age of 53 this year. She was everything that is good in me. She leaves behind a husband of 34 years, 4 kids and 2 grandkids with 2 more on the way. She was everything to them and to me. She was the kindest person you would ever meet. She did not have a bad for anyone and she would do whatever she could to help anyone out. She volunteered for every charity event that came along and recruited us along the way. It didn’t matter who you where, if she had something and you needed it, it was yours. This is the hardest thing that any of us have gone thru. Each day is a reminder that she is gone. We feel her here with us, but missing seeing her beautiful face. She has a beautiful granddaughter that looks just her. We are eagerly anticipating the next 2 grandbabies but sad she will not be here to see them. The oldest one talks about Mimi and how she misses her. You see those picture perfect family’s, that was my sister. Her marriage was strong and they were soulmates. They did everything together and always faced everything head on. They put 4 kids the college and made sure they had the tools to succeed in life. She will not be here to see the grandbabies grow up. This is my reminder to make the most of every day. Take the chance even in these times and find a way to see your loved ones, just be safe about it. Covid didnt not get her, but covid did rob us of the last 7 months of her life. It was texts n phone calls instead of lunches and hugs. If I had it to do over again, we would have that breakfast for my birthday as 5 days later she was gone.

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So this is my finding a lost one or friend experience.

My mum has been looking for her dad since she was 16 years old and was only told his nickname and that he was irish by her mum. (he came to england on a tunnel job and got with my nan for 3 years , my nan left him because they wasnt married and didn’t want to have a kid out of wedlock and didn’t want to get married to him when he proposed and she did a runner ) Her mum has abandonment issues and never really wanted my mum to meet her dad. Sucks really .

In 2017 I got with a guy from donegal Ireland. And as time went by I told him bits and Bob’s about my family and that I dont know my grandad but he is Irish . He told me people in ireland know each other from all across the land and that if we really wanted to track him down he could message a few people to at least see if he is alive or dead or if he has been heard of . So I gave him his nickname 'rocky’told him everything I knew and just by chance one of our irish friends who lives in england near by who I see regularly told us that the name rocky is from buncranna (on the inishowen peninsula located in donegal ) and that it may be him. After a few phone calls to the wrong people we thought it was a lost cause.

However as time went by my mum was desperate and contacted a guy from an ansestory company and told him what information we found out and he wasnt hopeful and we didn’t have too much. After months of looking he said that that name (there were a lot of tunnelers that came to Coventry during the 60s for construction of the ring road from donegal ) but the name rocky didn’t come up much however there was a guy named Henry Doherty. He keeps popping up and currently has no children . However he has lots of brothers and sisters. Nieces and nephews and cousins ect. (My mum has always been lonely, she had her mum. Her adopted grandparents on her mums side as her mum was adopted during the war due to infidelity with a Italian soldier.
She has no brothers or sisters and one uncle. But that was it. She always dreamed of having a big family and one day to meet her dad and hopefully has more brothers and sisters or just more family ) . Anyway she wrote this letter and without re writing it she basically told him how he may not be the right person but it’s the only option she has right now . And that she doesn’t care why he left she just wants to know he exists or is alive or dead , she doesn’t have to meet him and basically that she has looked for him all her life.

2 weeks later my mum receives a phone call and it is him. She asked him her dob and her mums name and other things to make sure it was really him. And he passed with flying colours.

She went over and met him the next week. Me and my partner and daughter and herself all got in our jeep and we drove to Ireland. he invited us to his nieces wedding and there we met our family. At the wedding they announced the news and they was asked to have the first dance. I have never been so emotional in all my life . My mum would always say she would die feeling incomplete and unhappy if she never had the chance to meet him.

And she did ! 6 months later she sold her house and brought one 5 miles away from him and now she seems him regularly. And when I go to Ireland I can see my big family and my mum happy .

I didn’t go into as many details as I would of liked about the ins and outs but it’s a long story short.

This is now my mums second xmas with him and she has never looked back.

My mum was so brave doing all this and I’m proud of her . My grandad is an amazing soul and I can now see where we get our features from (my dad is Arabic my mum is Irish and Italian yet we have our strongest features from him . Our big cheeks and triangle nose )

That’s how we found our massive family . And what has happened since.

It turns our our friend from buncranna lives 15 mins away from my grandad and even may of had a few drinks with him back in the day however he wasnt to know this as he never connected the name rocky but henry . )

This is me and my grandad . (I look dopey but it’s the clearest picture I have of us )

My daughter with my uncle pacci

My story begins by wishing I had a way to decorate for Christmas
I live in a small low income apartment.
I spoke to a young lady that works at the local library. I asked if she went to a certain store and she replied. "No not since the virus. " I told her I would like to have some small Christmas things to set around. I really didn’t think I would get them Yesterday a knock at the door and there she was with a bag with decorations in it. She wouldn’t take any money. I feel so blessed.

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My story is back in 1993 I gave up a child who was convicted by rape I was a school girl book worm and since the rape token place my grades went down, and I’ve lost hope I was only a child and through the years, I’ve prayed for over 23 years, I’m a God believers so anyways, I stood in Prayer and God gave me a promise of the return of the child which I gave up, I’ve cried and wondered why I’ve prayed as well, five years ago my son was returned back to me, and trust me when. I say every day it’s like Christmas when God gives you a promise He is just to fulfill that promise

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For those who may have missed it, the winners of this contest was announced here: