tripeaks i have a question

the moderators block words if they don’t like your post. when they reply to my post they are rude their tone is more like they are telling me off. i stop reading replies

i know it’s the moderators blocking words. tread lightly when you are replying and blocking my post. i litigate for a living and i won’t tolerate a violation of my 1st amendment rights. so if you are singling me out or discriminating for any reason it would take legal brief to be sent to sort these actions out. i have the right to post my opinions in an open forum as long as i am not breaking any laws nor am i violating or disrespecting anyone!!


Lol they are mad because you have more coins then them!!!


Oh yes I had so many words blocked and could not figure out why. Seem stupid to me. But hey what do I know. I mean if you can’t say words like paying and a few others how can you tell your problem …lol

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Ha ha ha! Had a word blocked just now: the word that means fabricating! Ha ha ha! Shows what they do in the help center!

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Hi Cindy, how do you have 5 clubs? Do you have to have 5 devices? How do you keep them straight? lol

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@Shaunna67, I do have 5 devices! My phone, a tablet, and 3 old phones. It really helps to keep them straight! Lol However, if I’m away for the day with only my phone, I can switch accounts, by logging out of FB, then into one of my other accounts - then log out of my TriPeaks account, then back in. TriPeaks will use whatever FB account I’m logged in to, to open the account I want.

I rarely have a need to do that though :slight_smile:

As far as how I have 5 accounts, here’s a link that describes that:

How can I be part of 2 clubs? One serious, One fun?


Tho I’ve been disappointed at our losing some of our best players, I’m loving being in nu club I’m in.


Glad to hear it Janie. A few have left but we have a strong core group.



Regarding your comment about words being blocked etc.

This is purely a thought and not based on knowledge; but it is worth considering that certain words, phrases or acronyms that we use in the English language which I am making the assumption the majority of users use, actually have a different meaning in a different language or close to. The system (not moderators) would flag these automatically.

Again just a thought

Agreed! I have my own club. We are all trying so hard. Day and night. It’s crazy, sad, I loved this game. The treasure shrine is a joke, not even worth it. Our team has our own Facebook page to keep in touch with each other.


Our team has our own Facebook page to encourage each other and keep track of what’s going on & all of the terrible glitches & crashes we encounter daily.

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Exactly what I’ve been doing.

But can you be in the sa m.j e club with 2 different user names?

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@MRSDOON, if you have 2 TriPeaks accounts, and they are both in the same club, yes.


I have a questio I’ve played all the levels but it won’t open me to higher levels. What should I do[quote=“CindyLu, post:67, topic:54301, full:true”]
Just because I am in a talkative mood tonight, I’ll let you know… I am not employed by TriPeaks. I have 5 clubs (I know, I am cRaZy and addicted LOL) - Play4perks, p4p2, p4p3, p4p4 & now as couple months ago, p4p5. I occasionally post when we have spots available here in the forum - do a search :slight_smile:

I am leader in all of my clubs, get online daily to give & receive help coins, and earn more than minimum in each club.

I love figuring out what works, and what doesn’t work for me, and share it here on the forum.

There wasn’t anything like this forum available when I started playing, so I actually googled to see if I could get answers. The lack of answers was a little disappointing. That’s why I try to help here. This forum was set up so players can help other players, so posts here are useful if they are questions, or answers.

Community Guidelines

Players helping players

Anyone who is having a problem with the game should report it to player services. This not only tells them what the problems are, but also how big it is. The more reports, the bigger the problem.

So let’s try to make the most of what we have available here, and help each other by asking and answering each other’s questions.

@Gloria_Fields-famer, What level are you on? Maybe you have completed them all?

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When I am in the team competition and when I’m trying to play to earn shovels the system freezes. I can still play the game but I can’t use any of my tools I have like the flame. When I go out and then go back in I loose a play. So if I had 5 try’s when I go back in I will only have 4 try’s left. No shovels earned.
I feel like I’m been cheated.

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I want to know how I can awake the volcano is it exploded and now I can’t play

Playing tributes will cool the volcano