Community Guidelines


We’ve provided Forums so that Solitaire Tripeaks players may have a place to discuss the game, recruit new Club members, share thoughts, make friends and have fun. The forums are intended to be a safe, fun and respectful place for players to congregate, and as such, we do ask that people follow our Community Guidelines. Violation of these rules can result in losing access to the Forums, as well as losing your Solitaire TriPeaks account, including loss of all in-game progress, Coins, boosters and Club membership.

GSN’S TERMS OF SERVICE: To participate in the Solitaire TriPeaks Forums, you must be over the age of 18 and agree to our Terms of Service ( The below Community Guidelines specifically address our expectations from those who partake in the Forums.


Have Fun! We encourage you to enjoy the forums, engage with other players, and politely discuss a variety of topics centered around Solitaire TriPeaks.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Aretha Franklin demanded it, and so too do we. Simply put: be nice to others. It’s fine to disagree with someone about something, but do it politely.

This is an Ad-Free Zone. Neither we, nor our players, take kindly to spam, and we don’t allow people to use our forums as a place to advertise. This includes advertising other game sites; requests for charitable donations/sponsorships or any funding requests; promoting your band; and yes, even your second cousin’s new “Sandpoowich” product (sandwich-flavored shampoo). The only exception is Club Recruitment, which players may do under the Club Recruitment Topic.

Watch the Language! This is to say, watch your fingers as you’d watch your mouth. Don’t use foul language, or post anything bigoted, violent or hateful. If it’s “Not Safe for Work”, then it’s not safe here. This covers every way you interact with the Forums: what you write, what you quote, photos, memes, acronyms, etc…

Watch the Language, Part II! These forums are in English and we request players use English when using the Forums.

Stay on Topic! Nothing is more annoying than watching a conversation go off the rails. If a topic or thread reminds you of something else you want to discuss, start a new one rather than hijack (or “threadjack”) the one you’re on. By the way, “Sandpoowich” sounds awful, doesn’t it. (← example)

Similarly, under the Club Recruitment section of the Forum, do not use another person’s post as an opportunity to advertise your own Club (or someone else’s). They’ve posted about their Club, and don’t want you discussing your Club under their thread.

Don’t Feed or Be a Troll! Trolls are folks who make it their purpose in life to get other people worked up for no good reason. A troll is the type of person who would go to a coffee forum to post about how much better tea is just to watch people flip out in hopes someone goes overboard and ends up getting in trouble with the forum’s moderators. They have one goal, and that’s to get people to react. This is their fuel. When we don’t react, they don’t get fed, and they eventually forage elsewhere.

Oh Behave! Other behaviors we don’t want to see in our forums: flooding the boards; repetitive posting/cross posting of the same message; impersonating another player, moderator or employee of GSN; disrupting the conversational flow; creating nonsensical/misleading posts; “Rick Rolling” (where you misrepresent a link); politicking; and really just being a general nuisance in all forms.

And if You Didn’t Behave… And received disciplinary action, do not post about it. Whatever decisions are made regarding your account are between you and GSN. Posting about your situation will only put your account at greater risk.

Report Issues - Don’t Make them Greater! While it may be tempting to remind others what the rules are, it’s better to simply report violations and let the Admins and Moderators do their jobs. When you report a post that is in violation of our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, we will investigate and take the appropriate action.

Stay Safe! Whatever you post in these Forums can be read by the rest of the world. Don’t share information that you wouldn’t want everyone else on the planet earth to know or any personally identifying information about yourself or anybody else.

Stay Legal! Please be advised that the Solitaire TriPeaks Forums are located in the United States of America, and as such, US laws apply. Do not post copyrighted materials (text, photos, images, music, video, etc…) or engage in any behavior that violates US law.

Stay Honest! Don’t post game cheats, loopholes and exploits! If you know of a cheat, loophole or exploit, the only people you should be explaining it to is our Player Services department. You can contact us via the app by tapping MENU, then HELP and then tap “Still need help? Contact us!”

One Account Per User. While it may be tempting to create another account, any extra accounts will be banned, and extra accounts can put your Solitaire TriPeaks account at risk for banning.

Need Help? You got it! The best place to get assistance is through our Player Services department by going to MENU and then CONTACT within the app. If you’re unable to open the app, you can email us directly at:

Users are solely responsible for their own account - including making sure that their accounts are protected and cannot be used by others. We encourage users to choose difficult-to-guess passwords, and that they log out of the Forums if they use a shared device or computer.

GSN reserves the right to determine what conduct is considered to be in violation of these Community Guidelines. GSN reserves the right to take any action which may include terminating your account or prohibiting you from using the Forum.


Q: What do I do if I see something I don’t like or have an issue with another user?
A: You may report violations to the Community Guidelines by flagging the post. Once the post is flagged, our moderators will investigate and decide whether or not to remove the post and any posts responding to that post.

Q: I was banned from the forums, but not from the game. Can I get a second chance?
A: Every violation is evaluated on a case by case basis. You may contact our Player Services department to appeal the decision.

Q: I have a problem with one of your Game Moderators. How can I get it resolved?
A: We choose our moderators very carefully and have tremendous confidence in them. However, they are human, and if you feel you’ve been wronged by a Game Moderator, please contact our Player Services team. Explain what happened with as many details as possible, and we will look into the issue.

Other rules and policies are found here:

GSN Terms of Service (
GSN Privacy Policy (