Community Question: Forum Feedback

Please provide your thoughts on the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum here. Please be specific as to how we might be able to improve the Forum experience.

The 5 players who provide the best and most constructive feedback will receive 20,000 Coins!

Thank you!


As a leader, this forum is great. It allows for contact with other game players as well as a way to see upcoming game updates and read tips and tricks from others! I do not love that it is linked to my email as I don’t need to further clutter my inbox and would instead just like to check the forum periodically for updates.


I would really like to see a thread with the names of creatures and stories about them. Glowing Grotto is driving me mad, for example. What’s going on between the people with hats and the rock people???


I think the ads bonus should go back the way it was because you don’t get bonuses like we used to they are less thank you


An outline showing current forum discussions on the initial page would be great, this way i can address the conversations that concern me and our team. And browse the rest when i have time.


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1-some time set up each day to join a live chat from anyone who wants to tap in. Discuss game say hi - meet someone new- share ideas-make a friend.
2-make it less choppy - it’s hard to navigate thru. Make categories like games (to earn point). Comments section for improving things.
3- Make awards section- have most improved group . Shining on top ten etc is nice but it would be great to show an improved group.
4-section to put ideas for add ones to game . Some of us have reached the end of game.we need more sections or side games.
5-Make a section where you could work together with people who live close and do some charity work . Organize events in local areas using tripeaks .


I love the forum. I just wish it was easier to navigate through all the topics. The topics should be on the front page to make it easier to get to each topic. Thank you for the forum, it’s very useful.


Navigating the forum has been challenging so I like the outline idea that someone previously suggested in order to better find the information that you’re looking for. I would also suggest adding a section for troubleshooting problems as people seem to be having similar problems with the game. I also would love a tips section as to how people strategize and use tools of the game.


I’m still not quite sure as to how the forum works so I think it might be a good idea but I think the TriPeaks page on fb is just as good


There should be 1 forum (Not multiple ones) for leaders to be able to post if they are looking for new club members and what their requirements are, and another forum for people to post if they are looking for a new club and what their abilities are. This way it is just one forum to go through. These should then be cleared and updated once a week.


As a co-leader I love the forum! This is where I learned about the reorder button and how I learn about other changes taking place.

I also enjoy being able to go to other posts and see that maybe I am not alone with issues that might be taking place on the app.

As well as these other things, I love to have a place to come and be able to recruit for our own club.

Thank you for all of the hard work you put in to the app and this forum.

Edith Beach
Co-Leader Lee Club


It seems you rely upon players to answer questions or to help solve other player problems. I believe that at least one of your staff should be available to moderate the forums - to give appropriate guidance as needed.
Also, any possibility of a “translate” button? There are posts in languages other than English.


I like to find out about upcoming events on here.


I have not used the forum much. The blue color is to hard to read. I do love reading what others write they help me a lot in the game. It’s nice to be able to get advise on things all in one place. Keep up the good work.


Hi. I find it hard to use the forum. For those of us that aren’t familiar with using forums we would benifit from tutorials. Also a more user friendly interface would be helpful. The forum is a great idea but I find it to difficult to navigate. The updates in the game are awesome. Thanks for the hard work you all do to make the game great.


I really like the forum, just wish more players would utilize it.

  • I have received helpful tips from other players,

  • I have recruited new players for my team,

  • I have been able to help other players with their questions or concerns

  • I have connected to other leaders through the forum

Things to improve:

  • better navigation within the forum, I use an IPhone and it seems jumbled to read the answers.

  • could there be a forum or question & answer each week with a moderator to answer questions for new members? I am in several Tripeaks pages and new members always have tons of questions on what boosters do, seems like a live talk once a week would give them a chance to ask those questions.

  • Set up a group for leaders and co-leaders to share information and helpful hints. I am still amazed when a new leader posts on the Tripeaks page and asked a question we all take for granted is known by everyone. I had a leader ask how to boot someone or how many you could boot a day or how to reorder a perk, all things we just think people should know but they don’t and how would they except by asking?

  • have a section for helpful hints such as receiving coins from the flying penguins or other helpful ideas that people don’t know.

  • if there is not a translation button here can it be added? I have several players who do not speak English and I have looked and can’t find an easy way they can translate what is being posted.

For the most part, I like the forum, just think more things could be added to make it more user friendly.


I would like to see a hyper link to the forum page on the tripeaks page. I don’t think that most people know about it. I also think that it should be easier to navigate than it is


I love the new changes and I think the forum is a great place to test these ideas and get feed back form your players. Also, I know there’s advertising so if the players could get some type of reward for recruiting by using our personal Facebook pages. Also, if players and teams and do a live chat while we play as a team and promote that on face book could help us grow our teams and incentives.


As a player and co-leader I am very happy with the forum. It gives everyone, not just a select few, the opportunity to read about updates, hints, and is just a good way to get answers and give support.