Winning a hand tip - taking advantage of the golden tiki

Here is my other tip. This one will help you clear an additional card off the table.

If you have the golden tiki, and a hand with a totem - you may have the option to win the totem bonus quickly by tapping on the one card that will do it in one swoop. However, if you do it in 2 steps, instead of 1, you can clear an additional card off the table.

In this case, the totem has a Q :diamonds:. Here I have an option of hitting my Q of diamonds, and then clearing the totem – but if instead, I hit the A :diamonds: (any diamond card), then the totem, it’ll leave me with a reusable golden tiki (because the A of diamonds removes the diamond from the totem and falls off the screen, leaving me with the golden tiki in play again) . I can then hit the Q of diamonds, then the totem (completing the totem - and removing a 2nd card off the table), leaving me with the golden tiki to play again.

In this case, I removed 2 cards off the table, cleared the totem, and still have the golden tiki to use to continue the play.

Here is the link to the Reusable Golden Tiki post:
Player Hints & Tips - Reusable Golden Tiki


Thank you Cindy for the tips!

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