Why do you chase away players?

I don’t understand why you want to continually chase players away! 15k friend center coins every 4 hrs. verses 15k every 8 hrs! What’s wrong with that picture! People are getting very angry! We need coins to play or give up the game! What do you want GSN?


Agreed! It’s getting ridiculous. I refuse to spend actual money on a game i play on my phone! They are making it harder and harder to stay with the game. Very frustrating.


We all know how addictive this game can be with the challenge to win. It’s much like playing the casinos in Las Vegas. We all know that Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners. As long as people are willing to pay to play, GSN is set. Nothing will change until spending actual money stops.


We all need to contact the help center! If enough of us complain every day, at least twice a day maybe they will change it back or even make it better!!! 8 hours is too long! It is killing my game.


Not a penny more from me!!! I used to buy the occasional wild card; not anymore!!!GSN shot themselves in the foot on this one!!! It seems they are targeting club champs and people who are #1 in their club…anyone else notice this? I am one of two in our club who have been shafted with the 8 hour delay.


Maybe you are correct on the champ targeting
I have been a champ a lot in a Diamond league
And have got stuck testing a lot in the last 3months
I tested the lost events before they came out.
Also on coin share test for over 60 days now
But Got told I didn’t get to participate in the frosty event because it was a test…
Wow so they hit me with sucking my coins and I can’t even try for a extra chest to help myself out .


They need a STA group (hopefully those initials don’t stand for anything horrendous lol) but an Solitaire TriPeaks Anonymous Group!! Granted I am guilty of using Google pay … But who needs food and who needs electric (except to charge my phone to play the ridiculously addictive game! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) … but I have come across players that have creating multiple profiles and multiple teams for themselves and for their partners and they don’t appear to go out, work or do anything outside of their imaginary Island hopping and tiki chasing craziness where their favourite pet is an animated dog (??) that does somersaults … and you start to get concerned for them!!!


I agree. Waiting 8 hours is way to long to wait for coins, especially if you are doing a scavenger hunt and most cost 3,000 coins to play and a lot of them don’t even have the cards you can play. Please put it back to a 4 hour wait. Thank you


I have sent a help request every day since I’ve changed to every 8 hrs for coins, no reply


Twice a day for me. Got a standard reply on each from Brian. Blah blah blah testing blah blah blah. I will keep complaing until they change it.

You would think they are digging in their own pockets to give coins.I have been playing this from when they first started, they give and take. The only thing that hasn’t changed from the beginning is they don’t care. I am getting really fed up

That’s just crazy why would you spend real money on this game other then double gift day for a cause.

“my crazy” as you put it lol was in double gift day with a gift to the Team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The ‘testing center’ changed mine from 15k to only 9k coins every 4 hours! Been going on for almost two months now. Every time I send an email inquiry, I get a ridiculous non answer response.

I got a reply, but that was all I got, they just said they are testing and ask for patience. My patience doesn’t play the game, coins do and at 15,000 every 8 hours it doesn’t allow much playing.

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I’m getting the same response! Not helping to get my coins back,GSN! We are being robbed of 15k coins every 4 hrs!

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GSN is greedy. They want us to buy coins. People aren’t spending enough money. So this how they do it.

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Check out the post FRIEND CENTER PETITION…send a msg, 1 DAY NO PLAY on 1/31/20!

Same , and I’ve been known to spend couple hundred every month . Not one more cent from me!!

Change your rating of the game on Google play to 1 star. they apparently don’t read this or facebook or changes would have been made by now.