TriPeaks Game feedback 2

I miss when the coins would count past the 20 minutes allowing collection of more coins when not able to get on every 20 minutes. I also miss more ads to get coins. I like all the perks and the quests. More than one hour to complete a quest would be nice as well.

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I like everything about the game and forum but I would like to see the bonus cards like the 2x star if you hit it accidentally you can’t UN click it you have to use. I think you should be Able to un click it if you do to want to use it


I enjoy this game very much! I wish the games were not so many coins! When you have to play longer it eats your coins up!

I think the chat with other team members could be improved!

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Bonus points should be more!

Hi I’m Gertrude Hazlett and first let me thank you for such a great competitive game. The game ia so exciting and you’re always giving perks unexpectedly…minimal improvement is needed. However, I would like to suggest us being able to send random gifts and better package choices. Such as 56 free plays offer I love love it! And last maybe update the shrine to 2k 10k 25k water card etc…just something worth getting on your toes about. Thank you for your time. Back to playing#

Add a special number behind Guests. I appreciate anomynity but not abuse or taking the teams daily pts. They sit there inactive and hurt the team. Also if u want us to have Guests, then we should have 30 kicks a day.

  1. I think when you’ve mastered an island, 54 out of 54 gold stars for example, the cost to play for those levels should be cheaper. We work hard to beat evey level. Or a reward for mastering a group and not just a badge
  2. When you guys give out free coins on the facebook page, it would also be nice to recieve trap torches or other games helpers
  3. More wilds! You figure out how lol

I think buying the extra cards is to high 6000 coins a game is only 3000 also rewards for top 3 in clubs would be nice i love the game but winning is getting harder


The free coin should be back to 3000. It takes longer to complete perks when you have to wait for coins. And it would be easier if club members could send each other coins other than Facebook friends.

They should give more free coins to complete perks.

I love this game, its my stress reliever and helps me take my mind off my pain from surgery. Would be great though if more videos were offered throughout the day, like maybe 2 an hour with a set payout, also would be great if you can except more than 20 help per day from friends maybe increase the number to 50. How about lowering the costs of the 5 extra cards a bit also. Not everyone can afford to purchase extra coins or items to help a lot of the time. Just would be nice if there were more coin options. Other than that I truly love this game, unless I’m sick I don’t miss a day! :heart:

I really like when you doubled the gift boxes not just for the gift givers , but also for the club members. That was fantastic you need to make that a normal every day occurrence! I think lots more people would purchase these!


I love the new daily login perks! But itd be nice to select activate the 30 mins of free play instead of it starting right away. And any other things that happen like that. I missed out on 25mins of free. It be nice if it went to your inbox and had to be used within 24hr or something like that


Love this game im totally addicted

I would like to see the Ads work properly again. They haven’t done so since the last update.

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I like the way you all did the quest where you don’t have to start a new one until you dismiss the old one, but i do believe that once you complete it though, it should give you your reward right away without you having hit the claim button it should be automatic I noticed someone a suggested that we should be able to have the ability to say when we want to use our free tickets I think that’s a good idea too another suggestion if you do the shrine where you try to win the million coins I think after you use the shrine say you did at least 100 or 200 times whatever you should be allowed to at least win the million coins or at least let them win it every two weeks or once a month you know so they’ll have some hope, cuz I play the the shrine all the time and it’s kind of frustrating that when the coin drops down through there that it slows down or it freezes or whatever so that it won’t fall into the jackpot slot and I think if a person is constantly using the shrine they should have at one time or another be able to actually win the the the coins just a thought. I know I see names of people that supposedly have won the million coins but I don’t know if I mean I know y’all would not just put names up there to give us hope that we might win but I think it should be at some time or another if they’re a constant player of the shrine and of the game that they actually do get to Win It

I really enjoy playing but can’t get coins to keep playing by watching ads. Some days I can’t even earn the 1 wild card due to it just freezes up. Can you fix this?

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Once weve purchased volcano cards and wild cards we should be able to use them at our discretion. I know while in game it a last minute thing but I may not want to use it right then even though I’ve just purchased it.

I believe people get way to serious when playing this I work late it became a problem with my team how disappointed

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