theSleepyTiki: Casual players needed

Our new rest club [theSleepyTiki] is in need of some casual players to help take us to the next level.

We aren’t particularly strict with daily or weekly minimums so this team is perfect for those who have busy lives but like to play for fun. All we ask is that you play when you can and that you help us keep the Volcano cool by playing Tribute/Tiki levels every now and then.

New members must play at least a couple games before going idle. Max idle time is 3 days and if you think you might be gone longer than 3 days, just let us know in Chat so you won’t be removed.

If you prefer a more competitive team, our main club [theTiKiLounge] could use another active player. That one is currently Gold but we often find ourselves in Platinum.

theSleepyTiki is set to Public so just come on over anytime. Plenty of space is available. Leaders: pööpyscööps, just jÖ, [: jÖ :], Cathy-RI, Luna
theTiKiLounge is set to Invite only. We currently have 1 spot available and possibly one more at Reset. Leaders: Öj, Agent Öö7, BRUCE the BEAGLE, Jodi, Carissa