The 2020 Solitaire TriPeaks Halloween Contest

Just to prove that 2020 CAN get scarier… it’s time to announce the 2020 Solitaire TriPeaks Halloween Contest!

Find out more about the 2020 Solitaire TriPeaks Halloween Contest!

Post YOUR entries in the following Forum Categories:

  1. Scariest Costume: Zombies, ghosts, witches, goblins - but no politicians (TOO scary!)
  2. Funniest Costume: Make us laugh like an evil witch.
  3. Most TriPeaks-like Costume: Be it Tiki, be it Poi, whatever you choose, we’ll enjoy.
  4. Best House Decor: Of course it MUST be YOUR house, but if you’re going to decorate anyway, why not?
  5. Your Pet in a Costume: There’s nothing scarier than how devoted we are to cute pets in costumes.
  6. Most Halloween-like Edible: Whether you’d actually eat it or not is not the question. But it MUST be edible.

We will announce the winners by November 10th, 2020!