Hi, I have posted about this before and I know many others have but thought it was worth another ask.

I am a Team Leader, who is seriously considering changing my player name to “talking to myself” or something along those lines!!

It does not matter what I put under the club name as the motto, how many times I change the notes or how many times I chat, I very rarely get a response from anyone on my Team. I thank them and congratulate them, I chat about various other topics in the game and I have asked everyone to introduce themselves … I simply cannot get them to respond and they clearly do not read the Club Notes

I have also created a Club Facebook page and I have posted the link in the notes and in the chat multiple times and no one has joined or responded, aside from my son who plays with me. I have made people Co-leaders, and then after a lack of response taking it away and even that does not get an acknowledgement.

Does anybody have any ideas of how I can get them to read the chat or get their attention?

I wish there was a way to direct message team members on the game app, or that they received a pop-up that there was a new notice or a new message but failing that happening I don’t know what to do. on the off chance they are reading it they probably think I have lost my mind speaking with myself now lol.

Am I the only Team Leader having this problem? Has anyone previously overcome this problem and if so how?

I am open to any and all suggestions please.

Thanks guys.
Lynne ( the Pokémon Go) :upside_down_face:

I wanted to post a quick update on here and hope that by editing it you get to see it.

It is possible apparently to persevere and keep talking to yourself and eventually a few players will feel sorry for you and will respond. Once this is happened it is actually uphill easily from there. We don’t have to boot some players which was difficult is brutal is not something I do as well as talking to myself. In some cases it has been necessary to make room for players that want to work as a team and that want to enjoy not only the game but the social aspect.

We also found that creating a Facebook group for the team was a definite bonus as most players are Facebook users (the ones from this century anyway :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

We still use the game chat but we can keep social hour and Chatty Cathy time for Facebook. It is easier to be much more direct and detailed as the game chat is limited and if you have fat and clumsy fingers you end up sending bizarre messages and it takes you 5 attempts to say one simple sentence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So thank you for everybody for your support encouragement and tips they all worked and I did not have to humiliate myself with the desperation of changing my username to “talktime” or “me-myself-&-I”

:smile: Thanks, and I hope the other team leader is struggling with this problem stick with it.


we have the same problem on our team. i think they read but choose to ignore the chat. unless they speak a different language they won’t reply but for the most part they don’t reply much either


Thank you for the reply. It is nice to get a response from somewhere on something lol. I haven’t considered the differences in language although no I have considered time differences when it comes to the inability for our club to unlock the Gem Chest. Perhaps if profiles gave us a little bit more information about members this would help us or or if the game had an auto translate option on it. I think though that it is fair to say that the majority of our team is English speaking and I don’t think it would matter if I post it in 15 different languages I still would not receive a response. Do you have any suggestions as to what else I can do or what you think I may be doing wrong?
When I told my son who plays that I would change my name temporarily to " Use Chat" he felt that maybe a little bit too aggressive lol … I don’t want to be rude but how do you play as a team when no one is communicating?

Hope to hear back from you. Thanks again.

Lynne :grin:


Lynne, I dealt with the same issue in other clubs, when I made my own I made it a rule that they must communicate in chat upon joining so I know they understand the rules and to post their CQ’s. If they don’t, I boot in 24 hours. It has worked pretty good for my team.


i’ve also found that a lot of people didn’t know how to unlock the chest so we give step by step instructions. it helped a lot of people don’t know how to maneuver through the map. example people didn’t know that there were games on the boat


i don’t think changing the name would be rude. i see a lot of names with meanings referring to the game


That would be a hoot to change your name to that, and rest assured, you are not alone! I was thrilled when they inserted the blue button, show me about perks and what not, but extremely disappointed that there was no indication of actual how to chat. I am continually sending feedback about, when the player loads the game both chat and the club notes open automatically, I figure if I annoy them enough with constant feed back they’ll update the game so it shows, HEY!!! WE CHAT!!


Wow, wish I had some suggestions for you. I think that some or most, in your case, just want to play and not be bothered with chat. We have a few like that in our Club, but thankfully, they are not the majority. I actually left the 1st club I joined because they wouldn’t talk at all…I felt like you, talking to myself…
Good Luck!


Yeah I have experienced that but on our team we are pretty chatty but all that’s required is tell us you’ve maxed. I give them a week, no response, boot.


Chat is a very little in lower level teams,
Iv helped a player I found on the forum @Chiefdroopydong
That was having problems with the same thing.
He is now a platinum team leader and has a lot more chatting then before…it did take about 2months of us setting examples to get to where he is now…most of the chat is only members chatting the word max or wtg but it’s something, to show they are active.
My best advise is
*Post your rules in notes- start minimal like use the word chat MAX when finished with your share…or even say…just a simple hello daily will do.
*Give shout outs in the chat - such as members not maxing club quest are at risk of being kicked- or… teamwork makes the club work, please read club notes.
*Lead by example of your own rules- And start kicking members that don’t follow them,
soon others will see and they will try to comply or risk it and get kicked. -there are tons of players and tons of clubs there is a fit for everyone.
We also have a member that dose not speak English she told us that but has learned the word max and understands our rules now.
If they are a true team member they will speak up when you ask…there are tons of apps that translate so if they really wanted to know what was in those chat boxes they will figure it out, or find a team more suited for them, if they don’t you will by kicking them for not complying w the rules.
Hope this helps and good luck to you.
@TeamPokemonGo Iv also sent you a private message.


I bet if you booted them from the team they would find a way to respond. Most clubs require that you read the chats or they don’t keep you. If they don’t want to act as a team, let them find one that doesn’t care about that.


We remove players that dont respond. Try weeding them out 1 at a time until you get a team that meets your requirements :wink:


the club I am in also is very silent. I tried to talk and ask questions when I first joined but got no response also. overall it’s a good team, but I do agree that talking and asking questions and strategizing would always make teams better. I wish you luck!


I know exactly how you feel…I tell my team to have a nice day, or say hi to them and nothing. It’s so frustrating, I just want so much to have a friendly club…if you find out how you can your team to chat, please let me know…:slight_smile:

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I guess I’m pretty lucky most all the people talk on our team. We have a few that join us and don’t say a word. We say hello welcome and please read our club notes. The one thing that make me furious is when they go idle before they reach 3K. We boot. I may gave them 10 mins. or more, but that is it. Some only talk when they max. Some only talk when they are going over the idle time to let us know. I’m okay with that.
I wish you luck getting them to talk.

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Maybe add some more free coins as aninsentave to checking notes or something also what was the link I never seen tht srry

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On my 2nd account our club requires you to place your State or country next to you name…
This helps to determine a time zone for them which helps the leader in communication to them.
We also have a Sun day minimum due at a 12noon est time.
Anyone not meeting that gets kicked if they don’t communicate.


Hi Lynne, I. Could’ve written your post myself. I have never had anyone to use the chat. They don’t read the club board and barely show up. This is very painful for me as I am a very competitive person. If you find some magic fix, please share it with me.


Not club leader but I’ve had concerns abt that too. Hv played TriPeaks couple yrs now & been bounced around several times coz of lack of communication.

First time, left club I wz in to accept invite to another. Wz kicked out & given no way to explain I’d joined by invite. Other times, wz apparently kicked out coz I hadn’t satisfied leader’s requirements for staying.

Last time, notified Powers That Be that I wz under too much real life stress to be stressing over issues I wz experiencing with game. Leader suggested I take few days off from gaming. I followed up on suggestion & took less than a wk, loading game only to collect rewards & to keep from losing continuity on daily bonuses. When I went on one night, I found I’d been kicked out with no known explanation.

Last couple or so clubs I’ve joined, I explained my situation & expressed concern abt hvg to start over in new club. Only the one I’m in now seems to hv understood. Problem I hv there, tho, is that I feel like you…like I’m talking to myself. I feel like all other club members do as little as they cn get away with; am nearly always top player.

Other games hv way of showing when anyone has accomplished anything or had something to say. Would be nice if TriPeaks developed some way of letting players know when there’s something on chat board or in Notes board that we should chk on.

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If I’d been on your team, I’d probably still want to play.

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