Red Star Leaderboard - Double Coin Prizes

So next week is Double Coin Prizes with the Red Star Leaderboard. How on earth am I and many other players in the same dilemma with the Treasure Shrine and Friend Center testing supposed to compete??? It is not a level playing field. Restore our Treasure Shrine and Friend Center to the way it was. Be fair to all players.


I agree make the treasures shrine the way it used to be it’s nothing but a coin eating monster now thank you


Absolutely!!! Hello is there anybody listening to Us?? How long is the supposed testing going to last?


I hear you! So do the hundreds of other players on this forum, but we can’t help you - and we all hope that will figure out whatever they need to figure out soon!

If you really want to be heard by TriPeaks though, you need to submit a ticket. In your game, tap on your profile pic (top left corner), then Help, then Contact Us at the bottom of the screen!


We’ve provided Forums so that Solitaire Tripeaks players may have a place to discuss the game, recruit new Club members, share thoughts, make friends and have fun. The forums are intended to be a safe, fun and respectful place for players to congregate, and as such, we do ask that people follow our Community Guidelines. Violation of these rules can result in losing access to the Forums, as well as losing your Solitaire TriPeaks account, including loss of all in-game progress, Coins, boosters and Club membership.


Do you know just how many tickets myself and other players have logged and communicated via e-mail.

We are just not getting anywhere.


They all count, even if you don’t see results. The more tickets we send, the more time it costs TriPeaks in customer service hours. I would think the more it costs them, the higher the priority. Even if we don’t see instant results, don’t give up. Let your voice be heard :slight_smile:


I am truly not being rude, but I am confused. If this forum is a TriPeaks forum for players, and we can’t expect answers from Tripeaks, how can we lose our account, in game progress, coins, boosters and club membership? Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t intend on breaking rules, or anything like that, I am just confused how this forum has the power to make us lose all of that?


I think every single person is experiencing their “testing”. I don’t know one player that hasn’t had coins reduced from friends center, or that has the old treasure shrine. My guess is, they never “tested” it, like they say in the mail we are getting, they just cut us off at the knees and called it testing

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@CAubrey57, I have 5 accounts. Only 1 account is affected by the friend center testing - so it’s not everyone, yay. That account only gets “help” from 3 friends every 4 hours, and can only receive 9,000 coins at a time.

My thought is, because there are so many different versions of testing on this particular test, that they are testing more than just functionality (the basis of most test, as far I can tell) - but also a test a marketability.

Hopefully, they will see that the most profitable version for the players, is the most beneficial for them also.

As far as this forum goes - the reason why I spend so much time here, participating in topics, is because there was nothing like this when I started playing. I searched Google for answers to figure out how to play, and what that heck some things meant. I found a couple answers, but it wasn’t easy. This is a much better, more efficient way to learn how to play. I love that TriPeaks created this forum so players can help each other :heart:

Well just today, one of my team mates also got the new horrible shrine. Doesn’t look like they are going to change it back if more people are now being tested.

Have you also noticed that our 20min coin collection has reduced to 1200 coins?

CindyLu, this forum was created by Solitaire Tripeaks and not by the members/players. Don’t tell me they don’t read what’s going on in the forum and all the unhappiness they have caused.

CindyLu what is your Treasure Shrine status in your 5 accounts? All 3 of mine converted to the losing setup yesterday afte4noon.

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@Bruce_Gros, all of my accounts now have the new shrine. Good chance they have implemented for everybody now, I’m guessing.

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I still know of at least a few that have the old as of yesterday.


I agree dont like the changes, robbing me of silver

We are falling on deaf ears you know this right :persevere: