Random players joining team

I am co- leader of a gold team. We are considered “public”, so anyone can join us. Have a handful of long time members, but a few slots that players come & go.
My question is about players that join & stay 10 minutes or so then leave. We have a few that do this on regular basis and are wondering what (if any) benefit they get for doing this? Do they collect an ant of coins when join? Or, are they Jst spying? Why would they do this?
Anyone have a clue?

I’m tired of being kicked from clubs. I’m asked to join or i ask to join but I’m not given a chance to prove my worth. I help with all club quests and tournaments and do what i can to support the team. However, i get booted because i can’t help when I’m out of coins. I stop playing while I’m working or waiting on coins. Otherwise, i rarely leave the game alone, because if i do, i get kicked and lose my points and Perks. Clubs should give a few days, or possibly even a week, for others to show they’re helping. I May not always get quest max but it’s not due to a lack of trying.i join higher leagues because i play a lot and can meet their demands. Give me a chance-please!


Try our team Friende. Very easy rules 2k per day, 100 tributes per week, work on club quest. Just let us know if you will be away or can’t do something.

That would be great but too easy. I go for the challenge because i have a hard time sitting still but i can’t walk right now because i broke my foot
I have to challenge myself or i get bored very easily. I would gladly help if you need it and appreciate the offer.

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They are joining to see where your club is at with completing a Club Quest. If your club is very close to completing, they stay just long enough to play a few hands, and then collect on the rewards. Then they leave to find another club.


Lilolme, we would love having you!
Tiki Daily Time. We are a gold team with a great bunch of players!
A lower level team may suit you if you find the right bunch…

Thank you Roadpickle. We assumed this, but they never play & stay only few minutes. Maybe haven’t caught us at end of quest yet?

Hey @Lilolme if you’re still looking for a club the Resty Place would love to have you. Here are our rules. Let me know what you think. :slightly_smiling_face: If that’s to easy for you we can talk about our sister diamond league team.


You could join JoJoTakeOut, 7500 cp per week, 100 tribs per week mandatory trib quests, if you play comp you must use shovels, please use chat to be off for long times, and for comp. You must max trib quest to join competition. Come try us out, friendly group!!

You can join doddyk I’ll be glad to have you

Come join beach lovers. We are a great and caring and team work team

I’m the leader of Poi WAlker
Join our team. We just ask if you are going to be gone longer than 24hrs let us know so we know you want to stay active. We do use group chat a lot!! Hope you join our team

I will join a club, read all the notes, read all previous chat to get a feel for how the club is being led,whats been happening, look over the players and scores before I decide if I want to stay. Thats one reason anyone would join and then quit shortly after. And no, no one gets coins for joining . If you are saying the same people are always doing it then I would assume they are looking to see if you are close to winning a quest and they want to play 1 game and collect the reward for it.

No. Thats ridiculous, if you don’t have the coins to play consistently and cant always max quests then yes, you’re going to be removed. You need to join a low level club that allows extreme idle times and doesn’t push for a win on every quest. Save coins and use them wisely. Sounds like you’re trying to play in clubs that are out of your league


We have a few doing this. Can’t figure out what the benefit is.

I try to log in every 20 minutes to get the free 1200 coins (all day). Plus, you should be able to get 15,000 every 4 hours from friends. I’d try to accumulate coins for a week before joining a new club

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Hi Lilolme! Here We Gi Tiki would love to have you. As long as we know it’s a coin issue no problem. :blush:

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Should have been Here We Go Tiki……

You can try us ShAkE iT uP just let us know if you are low on coins or have to work

If they contribute to your club quest however little it is eg: 1 game won ,even if 30 is the max, and your team ends up winning that club quest, they can come back when it’s over and get the full rewards for their contribution. TriPeaks have made changes in their latest update which seems to affect only the Tribute cq for now. We can only collect that cq in one club not multiple clubs. Hope this helps.

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