Please Stop With Club Rank Updates In Chat!

I’m already so tired of the club tournament rank updates in the chat box. It updates constantly!! I can look myself if I want to know!! I’m sure they’ll never see this, but I really needed to vent.


For me, the club tournament rank appears in chat when I first open the game, and doesn’t appear anymore while I’m playing unless our rank changes. It’s like that on all 4 of my accounts and devices. I think that’s how it’s intended to be.

I have android’s, and wondering if those who are being barraged might be on iDevices? If so, maybe they’ll fine tune that soon :crossed_fingers:

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I so totally agree. It is irritating to check chat expecting to see something from a teammate only to have chat give our club team standing and it hadn’t changed at all.


Yup, iPhone here. It has been fixed on my end and does pop up less. Still wish they’d get rid of it, but at least its not every 8 mins!

Same. I expect a team member and it’s just the rank. I could understand if it was somehow difficult to find, but it’s literally RIGHT THERE in the club page.

I totally agree. I’m on an iPhone too & it’s pretty regular. It seems hardly anyone in my club reads anything, so I’m sure this doesn’t help if there are more urgent messages.

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Why 4 accounts, concentrate on giving your all on one account to a team .

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Hi @Angela_Buchanan :slight_smile: I have 4 accounts, because we have 4 clubs. Members move around between the 4 clubs depending on what is going on in their life, and how many points they can earn. Nobody gets booted, just moved. The members of our teams all know I divide my time and don’t have a problem with that because I complete each the requirements for each club, and they like knowing that if they can’t play as much, they are still part of the team in another club. This is about our clubs:

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But you are one person. Facebook rules are that one person , one Facebook account. They are closing down all the game duplicate accounts, so best you be careful what you state publicly on here .

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Omg! So annoying! I know it’s just an update but I have to check!! Ahhhh

Can’t stand that notification either!

Omg!! Pretty pretty please

Yes waste of time and like a false alarm. We can see on the board what rank we are it tells us. I don’t care for this either. I also would like the chat to be longer so I don’t have to stop in the mid sentence and start another chat over and over and over again