Players entering clubs only for purpose of collecting Perks

There seem to be the same players whose sole purpose is to collect your club’s perks. They enter, maybe play one hand to establish a presence in your club and then leave. They hop from club to club whose door is open only for the perks. They are not real players and my club is in need of real players. So far their names are Perk Collector, Tommy, Anna, FeFe (or Fifi) and something like Lucky Parrot or Lucky Dragon. Even tho my club is a Diamond level club we do not get any requests to join anymore when we change to Invite Only. We are down to 22 players and the only way to get more is to make our club Public. We have all written to the game ppl and they “advised” we keep our club Invite Only to keep them out. They cannot ban anyone. This is hindering our success as a club. How many other clubs are also having this same issue? How can we get the game ppl to do something about this abuse? See screenshot from today’s chat from Perk Collector bragging that they got the perks even tho I removed them immediately upon entering.


Yeah we’ve had this issue with our club too. Normally it’s to collect the daily club benefits and not the weekly chests though. Anna is definitely one of the regulars too.

But think of it this way. These people are certainly abusing the system and they are getting free unearned benefits but no one in the club is losing anything and generally speaking they aren’t in the club very long so hopefully they aren’t taking up space for too long and blocking real players from joining.

What I personally find more annoying is the guy who meets the minimum or even exceeds the minimum handily and then basically does nothing for few days to grab the weekly perks. Since my club’s leaders establish a Sunday minimum. We then realize and kick these guys out, but the damage is done with the wasted spot that lasts several days.


We have those guys too…but we don’t wait that long to remove them. Good luck and hopefully one day the game ppl will allow us to block certain members from joining and that would fix this whole situation!


We are also a diamond league club and get visits from Anna and there’s a few others. I would love a block button so they couldn’t keep coming back and making us use up our removals.

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I have recently come to find that Perk Collector is actually a former member of our club. His full name is Tim Latiolais. He’s not welcomed back in our club ever but because we are desperate for members, he can get in every day that our door is open. :rage:

My club is invite only. I take the time to recruit by going through other clubs and seeing who I want in mine. I send out a lot of invites at once. Time consuming at times,yes. BUT I’d rather do this then leave club public. You can also encourage your co-leaders to go invite people.


Our club has been going through the same thing. Anna set in our club for a few days before I removed her. But we have gotten several. Matter of fact, just changed ours to invite only last night.
Sad that the game doesn’t have consequences for people like that

I also think these players are club quest jumpers…looking for clubs to collect freebies and only put in a few …we have a club points requirements before idle which helps a litt w CQ JUMPERS they come in see they have to do work and leave just as fast as they came…but yes these players are annoying, I agree.

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This happens more than you know u was in a club that barely got perks. No one paying attention to those who came in hardly ever there & it just seemed a waste of time giving it your all only to see others get it free. As for the public I agree with the invite only also the staff at tripeaks solitaire will recommend clubs based on your playing ability.
I got all to join so many clubs I lost track only place I want to be is where there’s good friendly people working together to enjoy the fruits of their hard labor of playing daily with one goal in mind.
As for those jumping club to club can’t really stop them from joining if they got accepted. Try to keep an eye out for those who contribute those that hello with the perks the quest etc. In my opinion anyone idled more than 24 without notice should be dropped. Also when adding friends be sure to add those who really do help you instead of just taking from you. I check mines daily if I give out more than I receive from someone I added to I let them know it’s not fair to take from me & at least not give back when it’s needed.
Good people who enjoy the game will help you anyway they can so you can conquer the quest, have fun & most important gain a free friends along the way. Good luck wish you the best…

Thank you for putting this out there, I have had similar, and the other names ring a bell. I have had so many issues getting the game loaded, and now can’t get into the game at all since the update, I am unable to check on my club and change back to invite only… I have been generous to folk not playing that are new as they mightve had tech issues, but not anymore! Thanks again.

Please note that Perk Collector has now changed his name to…wait for it…Crak Hed. And no I’m not making that up. This is still Tim Latiolais who is harassing our club and it’s members. He thought we wouldn’t catch on but we quickly did. There’s nothing we can do to get rid of him since we can’t block him and the game ppl do NOTHING!!!

I’d definitely change to invite only! It’s a huge pain and time consuming sending out invites, but I only accept people to join that either my co leader or I have invited!

I totally understand. The perks and CQs should be rewarded to the people who put in the time, coins and points to earn them. So yeah these people are frustrating. Start making a list of these people. Note down certain things they do or say upon entering. Most people will still act the same even if they change their name. Check the lifetime points as well so you know if they are new or not. Changing the screen name doesn’t change you club lifetime points. Make your team invite only, start recruiting from other teams in diamond and even top Platinum teams. Before you invite or let someone in check their points/placement on the team their currently on. If they have no team, don’t allow them in. Get your co-leads on board. If they don’t want to send out invites or follow the guidelines demote. I have seen plenty of teams go down the tubes bc they are public and always have the riff-raft in/out. Eventually players get tired of the “revolving door” and will go find another team that handles things better. Good luck!

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Happens to our club also. Our leader does a good job with removing them. I’ve noticed a pattern where they join the club a day before to get the perks n move on. I will suggest to my club leader to close the club at least a day or two prior to receiving the weekly perks. Thank you for sharing. Was helpful n I’ll be looking out for the mentioned names.

We are diamond and anna is a frequent flyer when we are public. We are invite only now, and she requested to join- like that’s gonna happen

She has requested to join us too when we are invite only. And we say the same thing…too bad anyone named Anna will never be allowed in anyone’s clubs since she ruined it for all!

Same issues with my club. We basically have to keep public just on the chance a good player is looking. Anna’s come and gone 5 times or more. Absolutely annoying!

2 funny things happened in my club yesterday. We had a couple of people escaping some madness in another club. They left our club after 12 hours when parts of their old club reformed a new team. They were solid but chatty, one got 7k before idle the other 5k. After they left the rest of team commented how they took over chat, no big deal to me. I said now we have to worry about the Anna’s of the world coming in again as they filled out our last 2 spots. And would you believe it, 20 minutes later a random Anna came in and made 7k.

Second funny thing was: I had friended one of the two and decided to check out their newly formed club and the leader’s player name is the Tim fellow mention by Dana! What a weird set of coincidences!

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That is pretty funny. I can assure you it’s not the same Tim. He doesn’t use “Tim” as his user ID. He’s now changed from Perk Collector to Crak Hed (yeah. It’s spelled like that). I think he only comes in our club to haunt me and our old timers. But if anyone with those names join you should call him out and say Hi Tim. Totally freak him out. Lol

If that opportunity presents itself I totally will!!

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