Player Spotlight: Tracy B!

This week we feature a player from across the pond in Manchester, UK! She first discovered Solitaire TriPeaks about 2 years ago, gave it up because she ran out of Coins, and then took it up again earlier this year, after discovering Clubs.

Read the story here:

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Great to know that people all over the world play! Happy you found a club to play wit!


It is a great story and am glad she found it again after being gone for awhile. I hope she is enjoying her club and having fun. Always nice to see a good person get noticed and recognized


Congratulations on being selected! It is always important to be in a team you feel comfortable with and you enjoy!


I love this game and have a good team to play on.

You are great player. Good luck for you.

Lovely to hear from around the world it is like having pen pals.

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I didn’t have much fun with this game, running out of coins quickly. I joined a club, but the volcano erupted often. One day I discovered that my sister played in a competitive club. She invited me to join. We later started our own club. We now have wonderful friends to play with and plenty of coins.


i love this game and my club

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We have a great team. Same players for a long time and if someone doesn’t meet the minimum for a personal reason we donate our coins to that person. We really have become friends and support each other despite never having have met.


So glad she found the advantage of being in a great club. I too learned the hard way about buying extra cards and using the back button. Getting to play and talk to people from all over the world is fun as well, like cruising without getting seasick.


Nice job being recognized

I love this game. people all over the world play and chat it’s awesome

I need a wild card! Love this game

Very cool !! I’m glad people across the pond enjoy the game as well !!!

Congratulations Tracy B. Excellent Job!!!

Fun addicting game! Love Love Love!!!

It is so interesting to hear everyone’s story and their experiences with the game. I love this game and being on a great team makes it so much better. This is my favorite game :heart_eyes::two_hearts:

Congrats for finding a great club! And welcome back!!!

The 2018 version of pen pals, it is amazing how this game makes the world a friendlier smaller and place !!