New Update for two free plays?

This new update that showed up what all is involved? Is it something I really want to do?

I saw the message too, but I’m playing on an iPad and there is no update in the app store

It changed the treasure shrine for me and it’s awful. Wish I would have waited until I had no other choice because that new shrine eats up your coins fast, can’t get boosters and it hasn’t landed on those wild cards.


I play on iPad mine is auto update, it glitched out and when I reopened I got the them.
Then I went and looked at recently updated and tripeaks was on my list.

Mine shrine did not change. I know players on my team have a different set up and some of there’s changed back the other day and some still have new one it has wilds in place of medallions , 2-500 coins slots-2-freeplay slots, 2-2k slots and jackpot slot is booster if you don’t hit the bucket.

One of my team members got the rescue mission in her update. As far as I can tell nothing has changed with mine.

I don’t see any changes on the account I updated.

I have more than one account, and my treasure shrine changed on an account that I didn’t update, so I don’t think an update is needed for that.

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I did receive that, my update was the treasure shrine :frowning:


I got the updated shrine and the rescue mission

Shine- awful. I will not be using it other than the free medallions. Not worth it at all anymore

Rescue Mission - I really like it Except 1. ROI not worth it. Too costly for too little in return AND (more importantly) NO CLUB POINTS for playing

If you could earn club points, I’d probably play but because of this, I won’t be playing.

I’m going to finish this first mission just to see it to the end, but after that, I won’t play it.

It hurts the team too much


Is agree with you about the rescue mission hop I do t get the new shrine dver

Horrible. Made game harder I’ll be removing game from phone

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to me the shrine is a joke. I only play because it is an annoying item that keeps showing up because of the Bonus Tokens that is all you can use it on.


Exact same for me. I’m done with the game.


Mine automatically updated. My shine changed and I HATE it.

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Block your automatic update from now on
Just choose if you want update further !

That is what I have and it is TERRIBLE! Do not upgrade if you do not have to. It is a downgrade! The game has been terrible as of late. A lot of changes making it impossible to play unless you spend $$$, and lots of $$$ if you are in a competitive league.

I got it and had no issues at all.

I did the update…it did Not change my shrine.

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Great!!! Glad to hear you lucked out.

I know this is an old post, sorry… but what shrine? I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I’ve played quite a bit and finished all of the regular levels and 200 plus of the expert but still have trouble with the lingo and what’s what. Thanks!