New Club Leaders Don’t Enforce Club Rules

I’m on about my fifth club in three and a half years. The changes happen because I’ve yet to find a club whose leader consistently enforces the posted club rules. Their message board will SAY 25k coins per week, but maybe a fourth of the members achieve that, with at least another fourth not even trying. They’ll set a number of required tributes; again, not enforced. Total time idle, not enforced. I get it if they don’t want to lead; I would quit before I’d be the club leader. But then why accept the position? Do they get a choice, when a leader leaves and they are suddenly appointed? I’ll be searching fir another club soon.


Interesting observation. I see it enforced, but I’ve also seen exceptions be made because of Life. I also feel like, it’s also just a game.


I definitely think exceptions should be made for life events. I also agree it’s just a game. But since the game provides categories like fierce and casual, etc,. It seems players should sort themselves accordingly. Also, it does beg the question, then why have rules posted at all?


My team is “Perkini”. Check us out. And I enforce. We are platinum w 25k weekly min, must play tribute trapper club quest, 100 tributes, notify in chat when mad on Club quests, tiki dance and have fun!!! 1 spot available.

It’s definitely not easy being a leader, I am a coleader and previous to the club I joined I was forced into leader in my old club. There is an added stress, you want rules, and yes it’s a game. Depending on the competitiveness. Fierce and higher, they would be stricter because they want to maintain platinum or higher. It takes a while for a club to establish a good bunch of players, high turnaround etc.
Search around in here, slot of decent clubs seek a player like you!
Or you could create a post of what your expectations are of a club, you’ll get decent hits that way!


@Renee, I think the type of team definitely has different leniency or not. I’ve played on a competitive team that the leader enjoyed dumping players, sometimes they didn’t have to be doing anything wrong. She was a nightmare. She also dumped people for first offense regardless of whether they had anything happen or not. Some would be given leniency, others, not. It all depended on if you were in her good graces or not. Men definitely were treated different. They could get away with more.

I’ve also been on a team that the rules were not usually enforced. I think finding a team that fits your personality and connection is what’s so great about this game. There are thousands of teams to choose from. If you still can’t find one that fits your type of play, create your own. Thoroughly enjoy this game.


We make rules ,and on the whole our team stick to it but example tributes our rule 500 wily we have a couple players dont always get them but top 3 player so ignore it.
It’s about balance life happens,and providing I know reason fair enough.but I make a point miss cp wkly minimum or cq continuously then out,


We just had an opening!
4 k/25 tributes per day
No 20 hr idle unless communication
Bank week every 6weeks
All 6 perks and 7 if it is 250k or less, the odd time 500 k we will chase if it’s worthy

Tipsy Tikis
Jenny is our Leader
I (Tracy) coleader

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Sounds like you are doing exactly what I did, bounce around as leaders will not enforce rules…lower minimums if need be. Out of pure frustration I started a team and have great coleaders that also are watching players scores, idle times etc. We went from rookie and progressed one week at a time and are happy sitting in platinum. Sounds like you are a team players! Hope you found a great team…if not Search The Ranch if interested in a week or so as we have a team member ready to have a baby then. Plus we do remove non team players regularly. Best of luck!

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I understand your frustration, Im a co-leader/leader of a club. we have some rules like a weekly minimum of club points and i ask that memebers to try & chatt with the group or at least with the co-leaders or the leader especially if someone has something going on in their life Eg vacations, family funerals to name a couple. im easy going as long as the member hits pretty close if not over our limit because as i see it life happens. my job sometimes gets in the way where i dont get to play everyday. you are more than welcome to give our club a try. its called killing time. look for taz as the co-leader & roadrunner as the leader.

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You are more than welcome to join our club - Hooverville . Only way we eliminate anyone is if they don’t play for 10 days, unless they say the will be out for a number of days. NO Rules - would be happy to have you.

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I did not get a choice when my old leader left and appointed me but I could easily appoint someone else and step down or leave. Being a leader can be tough sometimes but I have built a club of some pretty great people. I do enforce our rules. I feel like I am letting down the rest of my club if I don’t. If you ever want to check us out, look up team name Kyumi. We’re currently looking to add some more great people.

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I started my club over 4 years ago. Our rules have changed as our club has evolved…upward. We are a solid diamond level club. I started a Life Issues list that anyone is allowed to be on for any reason w/2-days notice. They have a choice of limited play or No Play (more details in my club notes). Must read & reply to chat. 3k before idle. 16k by Saturday/7k/day if joining after Friday and a weekly total of 48k/300 tributes/wk/20-hr max idle. I give everyone one free pass for not following rules I am very strict with my rules and have had to kick out “good” players. I have a core of 15 ppl who have been with me from almost Day 1 until this past July. The remainder have been a constant revolving door and we never have 25 members for longer than 2 days. Because we have such a hard time finding the right player to fit in our club. And yes being a leader is super stressful. Good luck finding a club for 25k/wk. If anyone would abide by my rules pls send a request to join to Tiki Bird.

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We need players on our club
Rock NRoll. We Are plat/ Diamond league. Open club not private join up and see if u like us

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I know several of the leaders have got caughht into the situation for people join the competition but don’t play we have started maintaining information containing this record so we can kick them out of the entire club
All of us were blindsided by that situation


Come and join POI CHASERS! Kit and I stand by our rules and if members aren’t contributing enough they are booted :grin: We are all about being a team player so if you want to reap the rewards of all the chests and goodies, you must contribute enough to warrant you receiving all the bonuses :ok_hand:t3:

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I am a club leader. We are normally a platinum team. Last few weeks, scores dropped. Not sure if it was because of the competitions, which do not count toward club points, but I finally had to remove two players. If a player tells us they have plans, they are sick, etc we cut them a break, but for the most part, I enforce team requirements. Top Dog, currently gold and looking for 3 new daily players, 2k min a day and use chat.

I was assigned leader just b4 the existing leader dropped out because “life happens”. I agree I’d like to enforce rules when possible, and I know it’s just a game to many players. We had a time where there were a couple players that really wanted us to enforce the rules on a daily basis. Problem was we didn’t have 25 players total much less all of them meeting minimums. I didn’t see the benefit of booting someone until we could get a replacement player who would contribute. So we continue to play at the platinum level most of the time and continue to look for players to add to the team. (Tribute Hunters)

I’m the leader of Our Tiki Family and we’re currently down to 18 players because I’ve had to boot so many due to not avoiding by the rules! I’m working hard to recruit 7 more players who are active and willing to work on club quests… please feel free to request to join if you’re interested!

Reading your post helps. I started my own club out of frustration, but now I realize how stressful it is. My club, LifeIsPrecious, is absolutely nuts. I cannot get one person to respond to, or simply write, ANYTHING in chat. Not a thing. I don’t know what’s up with the members. Do they not know about chat, see the bubbles, blind? Cripes, just nuts. I don’t allow people with the name GUEST. I give them 30 minutes to change it. But, do they? No. So I deleted all ten of them despite the great loss. Now it’s easier just doing it one at at time as they join. And I think they ALL pick my club! Almost every single new member is GUEST! I don’t know where they come from. It is though my club is a magnet for them.

It helps reading that I’m not just imagining this being stressful. So for, thank you. I’m sorry for all who are finding so. Like me!

My next big issue is having 3 super players, who refused to do tributes or club quests, and it’s not fair to the other members. Should I delete them, even though they will suffer because of it? It’s very frustrating because you KNOW they have to bed reading my warnings on chat. Yet I’m completely ignored.

Do I delete all who don’t comply? Even though it would be the whole club, because none will used chat.

Thanks for hearing me out, and yes, I need a great co leader and members of anyone is interested.

Most Sincerely,