Need a new club asap

Looking for a new club asap. I love to play daily, work hard on cqs, tributes, perks, club competitions and challenges. Ideally would like to play in platinum league but gold is cool, too.



Come join,…

Requested! Thank you!

Chilling island is looking we are a platinum team

Hmm, are you invite only? I searched for you guys but nothing came up…

We are open it chilling island

Sorry chillin

Join my club its called the 420’ers, thx kelly aka PhxAzDiva

We would love for you to join our team

Join Tripeak Friends! Do you chat? That’s a must for gem comps :blush:. Accepting after reset of course :kissing_heart: We would love to have you. We are kicking out a member who never chats, changes perks constantly :confused: We need another good team player hon

Tribute hunters is looking for a few good players. We’re a platinum team. Check us out.

Come to Family 1st! We are recruiting!!

justMe.Small j, no space. We need one player. Great club.

COME AND CHECK OUT :Just a Game lead by Tia. We are an ambitious friendly group of competitive players. We require 3k,10 tiki daily, chat, dailey checking, participation in club quests and club competitions. Try us out…you will love us!

Racin Fairies has an immediate opening. Currently 4th place Gold, moving to Platinum. Great group, no drama! We’d love to have you.

Tiki’s revenge goes between gold and platinum! We’re in need of a team player that will help us maintain platinum and cqs! We are a really fun team that gets along great while having a lot of fun! We understand people have lives so we pick up the slack when. Someone can’t play as hard due to life!! You can request to join or look me up on Facebook Lisa Lapera Sorrentino would love to have you join us!

I am sure fishch143 has found a club from one of the many replies. I thought I would add our club Always Rejoice. We are a gold club we use to alternate between gold and platinum but we have done some housekeeping and now in a recruiting rebuilding stage. We require players to play the CQ, get 15000 every week, play competitions (although this is not a rule) play tributes (this also is not a rule, but most players do) We are pretty chilled, just looking for team players. We also understand life takes a priority but as long as you are a team player most of the time and let us know when you can’t play by a message in chat, we are all good. We are invite-only, but that is because we require players to have a name and not be guest. Other than that you are very welcome.

Our club krakatoa could use someone like you. We have fun love to get perks and such❤️

Just4fun needs dedicated player

We are called tiki treasures and normally in platinum league we get all the perks and love the comps for gems we are looking forward a player who can get at least 15k weekly I’m the leader and my name is Susan no invites so plz come into our inbox and I can except you but you need to go in our inbox