My club is dying...slowly.

Looking for a club that can at least get the free gift! I play everyday and gift everyday. I don’t want to go crazy, but I’m willing to contribute.


@Angela_David, how many points a week do you usually earn?

We have spots open in 2 of our clubs, p4p3 and p4p4. We don’t require many points in those two clubs, although we do recruit from those 2 clubs into p4p2 and Play4perks when spots open.

Read more about our clubs here:
Join the Play4perks Menagerie

If you are interested, let me know here, because I don’t often accept requests to join blindly lol.

If our clubs are not right for you, it would be helpful to other leaders of you gave them an idea of your point potential :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun!


We are looking for daily players in Perkulators. 15k sun reset 35k Thursday reset. New club, seasoned players wanting to move up in leagues each week looking for some good players/team lmates.

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What is your average weekly. We’re a diamond club looking for daily players. 6K/day min. We get all perks

If you are still looking come and join us. Our clubs name is T&R

My club, No Drama has three spaces to fill. Tired of getting bootted out of your club or the pressure to keep up at all times? We do well without all the rules. No Drama is looking for new players to join our team. We are in between ambitious and casual. We ask that you actively play without more than a 2 day absence. Help with keeping the volcano cooled, club perks and daily club bonuses. We like to chat and cheer each other on. Come join the team and leave the drama at the door. Lol No Drama is a Gold team with a usual 5 chest perk. We are currently working on a fb group for our club so we can help each other out with coins each day. We would love to have you join us. Come on over!

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Hello Angela_David!!! I hope you’re still in search of a club because I am in search of a player who plays on a regular basis and goes to the shop to open the free gift and gets their perks.
So Angela, If you have not found your niche yet my team Brits r us 1 would be glad to have you be a part. I am YoBear on the team. Hope you’re able to join us.

I’m looking for a club to play just to have fun

@Katina_Mcbeth, did you find a club yet?

I have spots in 3 clubs right now: p4p2, p4p3, and p4p4. P4p2 we ask for 10,000 points a week. P4p3 and p4p4 we ask that you play a couple times a week.

You can read more about our clubs here:

Join the Play4perks Menagerie

If interested, let me know here, as I usually don’t accept requests blindly. :slight_smile:

If anyone here is still looking, TeamWork has 2 open spots. Platinum league. We are on summertime requirements right now: 20k, 200 tributes, 24 hr idle. Will change in the fall to 30k, 300 tributes, 18 hr idle. Family comes first with us so we do understand life happens. Come join us and be a part of our TeamWork family!

Hi we have 2 spots left in our club we are a platinum club daily tributes needed and need to still hit around 20 k by end of tournament we are a fun group and we called what my name is ok so easy to find us

My club No Drama has a few spots open right now. We are pretty casual but we do ask that you don’t go longer that 2 days without playing. We are a gold level club and usually hit 5 perks per week. You’re welcome to join us.

Have you found a club?
You can check out mine and see if it’s a fit.
9k by Sunday, 21k by perk end. 18hr Max idle.
Check us out!
Perk Hunters

I’m looking for good players who will play everyday and help us. Please join us in club Emmanuel:)

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We are a diamond league looking for players who can make 4500 a day or more as needed for perks and still have life. Awesomeness is our team

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Perktacular is a friendly, chatty, and competitive, yet laid back group. Our requirements are 30k weekly, 5k by Friday, 10k by Sunday, 24hr idle. New people need 3k before idle.
We need daily active players…and we get 7 perks.
Please search us out and send request if interested!

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Our club isn’t necessarily the cream of the crop, as we have no minimums, etc… but we always get our free gift! We have fun and play with heart :heart:. Here is our info:
Our Motto: We are a family! Have fun & check chat. Perk order 1,2,6,5,3,4 .
Club name: Best team Ever :smiley:
These are our only requirements… (Copied from our notes)
FYI: WE ARE ALL ABOUT FAMILY AROUND HERE! Your family comes first! Also, we are our own dysfunctional family :wink: . All that to say, we don’t have many rules around here. If you are going to be gone 24-48 hours or more, please let us know!
Please don’t just stick around to collect coins and perks, but we understand that is all you can do from time to time (Within reason)!
I also provide my personal email address to our members if they want to contact me at any time!! :slight_smile:

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Please check out Victoria’s pace we don’t have any club limits or chat rules as long as you play your welcome. Thanks red

Still looking for players?

Gliding Tikis is looking for a few good members we are usually a platinum team but had to boot some of the players who were only there for the perks and we dropped down to gold we are looking to be back to platinum next week! Any questions please feel free to ask! Stay Safe and Happy Playing