Love to see OLD game back

What is going on with this game? Love it so much we left our top 100 club and started our own which went top 100. Our members spend a ton.
Not once have we been part of event testing.
Only a few members ever got your “trifecta”
And now your mo mo coins thing??
I just used a wild to win my game
Clicked on the CARD
But your icon hadn’t completely disappeared so it charged me for the 10 cards even tho the board was clear!!
And what is going on with club quests? It’s been forever!
We’ve groomed our club with active chat in preparation for the quests…and nothing?
Or is all the good stuff you’re “working on” only going to the top ten teams?
There are those of us that LOVE your game, and LOVE the friendships we’ve made as a result…but there are a lot of us wondering when it’s going to get back to the game we fell in love with! (And yes I know commenting here may not be ideal, but there doesn’t seem to be a place to post these things)


I’m sorry you are frustrated, any technical issues you have with lost coins or booster should be taken through the steps on the help section of the app. With hundreds of thousands of people playing, not every person is going to be satisfied.You will get better results going through the help on the game that way you have a ticket submitted. As for club quests they will be back, sometimes it take a little longer to get a proper fix done. I too miss team quests!


All you get is ticket numbers

Yes, and the ticket is in place so support knows the who what and where to try and resolve your issue. And you can follow up if need be


I don’t even get any acknowledgement of tickets at all, and I know many others who haven’t gotten a reply for 6 months now. We are simply ignored, always.

I agree loads of us do… i know for fact top teams have club quests back n some still have the new gift boxes that they took away but not from all of us

I know they’ve been working at getting quests back
And newer players don’t even know what they’re missing!
But I’m glad to know I’m not the only one feeling the itch for more…

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I disagree, no response to any tickets for 6 months now

How are you contacting support?


Yes, after about 60 unanswered and unacknowledged tickets, I gave up. Tried again a couple weeks later, nothing. Tried again a month later, nothing again. Waited another month, tried again. I know many players who tell me the exact same thing happens to them

Do you mind me asking what your issues have been?

It would take me a whole day to retype them all. Most recently, didn’t get 2 of the large gifts purchased this week. Major issues.

See that is one of the many problems I’ve had too (hence me asking), my problems vary from week to week
But last week during the double gift boxes, two of mine didn’t open
The first one stalled out then the second one disappeared as a result.
They sent new ones (granted crappy ones lol) the next day.
So just keep trying
Try to submit the issue as quick as possible and take a screenshot to include where u can

Thanks for trying, but I guess I wasn’t clear that I am completely ignored. I get no acknowledgement of ticket submitted, no reply EVER. Been this way for 6 months. I am leader of a top 40 team for over a year. I did get responses in the beginning, but then that stopped. I guess I am lucky, at least support didn’t call me a liar or threaten to suspend my account for “complaining”.

I am not sure how you can submit a ticket 60 times, and not once recieve the auto bounce back saying here is your ticket number. I myself have had on a couple of occasions had to resubmit a ticket with an unresolved issue, and later it was resolved so I know it can happen, but constantly for months? And have absolutely no response?

Absolutely, it happens to me and the same for many others. Apparently, they block even auto-reply to our tickets. I have seen the threats others have received from support that if they continued to “complain”, they will be removed from the game completely. I thought maybe with this forum, someone at TPS might recognize and address the issue, but apparently not. This is why people post their frustration on the TPS FB page, because they are totally ignored when trying to submit tickets through the help feature.

The same way as always, my profile, upper left, help, then contact us. Several times I tried the, but I only got a reply once this way. I gave up, I just accept all the losses, but it is frustrating when people say just submit a ticket, when clearly we are not all treated equal.

Man that sucks big time
It’s funny my co-leaders and I were just chatting the other day bc I’m the only one with glitches
She said “man I’d have probably quit by now”
And I said that if I didn’t get any answers I probably would have.
There’s only a few things that haven’t been responded to so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones

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Check your spam folder. I have always received a ticket. I hope that helps. Also screenshot so if you don’t get a response try resubmitting. I have noticed on my phone I need to wait till the form is accepted. If I click out the ticket doesn’t go through.

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I have always received responses too, & I’ve written many times. I have Tripeaks support email automatically filter into a separate fodder so I can easily check responses. I think I have at least 100 emails in that folder… but besides glitch problems, I also send a lot of “I have a cool idea” suggestions LOL