Lost Kings Event Is a Scam

I have been selected to try out their new lost kings event. This is a total scam to force you to spend coins/boosters. You have to find 100 kings. The only kings that count towards the 100 are on hand selected levels by the game. No kings on any other level count. All of the hand selected levels are impossible to beat, meaning you get no kings, unless you spend coins or use boosters. So if they want feedback on this new lost kings method here’s mine…its a ripoff that’s designed to force you to spend coins. Stop being greedy and treating your players poorly with junk events such as this one. Please do not make this a permanent event. It’s a terrible, greedy idea


I also had this test event last week, you don’t have to win the round to collect kings found in that level…but I agree it’s no good…cost more then you profit and takes forever…you can give your feed back here but here they won’t see it…to leave true feedback for the game is under the help button…select still need help then choose feedback, and leave your comments. Good luck


It took me a minute to realize that it was a scam. They got my husband thou. He lost alot but he finished the quest. I am just happy I realized it only two games into it. I hope they stop this!!


A lot of the kings are at the bottom of the deck so if you don’t win or get close to winning you get no kings. I’ve even had multiple levels that had absolutely zero kings on the board. It would be nice to win a few of these crappy levels they select to replace some of the thousands in lost coins spent to complete the quest. I emailed in the game and wanted to put it here. Hoping to raise enough attention this new mode is stopped asap. It is in no way enjoyable nor fair


Sorry to say you are wrong. You don’t need to spend coins to play. If your game is over and you didn’t win it. The Kings that you did get will count. I got 1/2 of mine within the first 2 hours. But I also plyed my tributes as well.


Agree it’s a bullshit event aim towards you advancing and spending coins and boosters I say :-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3::-1:t3:NO!


Victoria if you are playing games and not winning, that’s spending coins lol or paying to play. At 3,000 coins each game and you only get 1 king(if you’re lucky) that’s 100 games and 300,000 coins. I’m a decent player. I have been playing 1.5 years and have over 2 million coins. I know my way around the game. This event is a rip off. I’ve spent 100,00 coins and only have 80 of 100 kings.


This event would cost at least 100k to finish. No other pick 3 event costs coins like that. NONE of the events. Just an all around junk event that definitely didn’t have the players in mind when it was designed. I play the diamond event, hearts, get 100,000 coins etc with no problems nor complaints. This event is junk and needs trashed asap. Hope to never see it again


Horrible! I had to test one that was 240 Kings. 4 hrs and 150,000 coins to finish. Felt like a punishment! I didn’t learn my lesson because Then I had to do one that was 100 Kings. Still horrible. Lost 100,000 coins to finish.


I beat all of their selected levels and now I can’t go any further because there are no new levels but will be coming soon! It’s crap! I also can’t ever catch POI on Sundays or any other day because I’m out of new levels to play.


I was warned by my club leader about running out of levels. I stopped playing new levels a while back unless it’s to catch poi. I play expert levels or old levels. I even went back and got 3 stars on every island lol


I agree . That’s why i jump back to Tiki Islands and play only 100 coin games . Boring but occasionally i NEED THAT FREE PLAY or whatever …


I guess to punish me for complaining on the forum and writing them in game about the scavenger hunt I was selected AGAIN today. This time 240 diamonds. Its crap because you get no choice in the matter. I’m not even attempting to play this one.

Agree totally. If the king’s were on tribute levels (only ones I play ) it would be different. It’s a terrible event to be “chosen” for.

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Happened to me too. Spent most of my coins before I realized it was a scam.

I totally agree with you. I spent a shitload of coins trying to get the kings one day and hearts or something the next day. Plus it took so long finding the applicable games. I’m not much for scavenger hunts. If it was played like the tributes it might have been more enjoyable but would still probably take way too many coins.


I did contact the help desk. At first they explained how to play the game. Duh! I’m Not an idiot I know how to play. I got no choice either play or no chance to get helper coins or cards or whatever everyone in the regular group could get.

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I was chosen also. It was horrible. I’ll never do it again.

I gave up on it and that’s not me. I don’t quit. I will never play this again even if it becomes permanent which I hope it doesn’t

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I was chosen also and it is just like chasing tribs. Not necessarily looking for Kong’s or diamonds but playing the levels they want you to play. I finished but didn’t enjoy the hopping around to the levels they wanted me to play. I was chosen twice, and am nit impressed.