Looking for new club please 😀

I used to play a lot but due to family had to stop. Now back to playing daily can hit targets and cp thats needed. Please let me know


Jess_Kelly - Our team ‘FUN’ would love to have you. Our club just moved to Platinum and we really need an active player to help us stay there. We don’t require any minimums, we just ask that help with the CQ, unlock the gift box not idle for more than 2 days. We have all levels in our club and we help each other with strategy. Please look us up, we currently have one open spot. Search for ‘FUN’


Tribute hunters is always looking for good players that meet club quest and are team players.


We are currently looking for 4 players! Easy rules… No pressure. We just ask if you’ll be gone for more than 2 days then let us know in advance. :grin:

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I would like to join your club if your still looking for players.

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@Cindy_Woodhouse your more than welcome! Please come and find us! If I need to lower the levels for you let me know! :blush:

Hi Cindy we’re looking for players that want to contribute and have fun. Check us out just4fun Greg

justMe. We are a fun and chatty group. We are usually Platinum. Half of us have been together a long time.

Look at our club. Fastandfurious. We need good players. Request to join. I am the leader.

Hi there I’m always looking for new teammates no pressure just a relaxed atmosphere I think I have bots playing haha but there are real people to So please if interested join us Payneful Players take care and be safe

Hi Jess! I am on a team called The Club. We fluctuate between platinum/gold level. We’re a friendly bunch looking for someone that shares our philosophy - win and have fun. If you are not currently on a team, come and give us a try. Thanks! Mimi

ANGEL WINGS is looking for good players. We are currently a platinum team but usually a diamond team. 35k a week, chat a must. We offer time off if life happens, all we need is notice, not a reason. If your interested let me know.

Give us a try! We need a good player! Come join “Just Playing”! Look for logo with tongue sticking out and platinum. Give us a try!

Come join baby go go boots

"Volcano " is looking for awesome Team members!! Easy Team Rules. Come be a part of our family and have fun!!

Ice hotel would love to have you.

We’re a relaxed club but looking for dedicated players to help max there share of CQ

look us up

Club WE DO THIS has just started up and we are looking for some good players to help contribute. Come take a look and see if you fit with us :slight_smile:

If you’re still looking for a new club, check out Marge. We’re looking for 3-4 team players. Minimum 100 tributes and 15,000 club points a week. Complete all club quests. We’re a gold team that bounces up to platinum, with the right players. There are a couple of teams named Marge, but it will be the one that had Erica-USA MN as a player.

TikiEliteRebels are looking for good players. All I ask is that you play at least once daily, follow Perk Order and contact me if you will be unable to play for awhile, so I don’t remove you.

We are a friendly Club and work hard together with competions.

Please come and join us.

I would like to join your club if your still looking for new players