Looking for a team

Looking for a team that puts the team first - was on a platinum team and got booted but not sure why - I play daily and do between 500 - 700 tributes/week, as I believe this is what’s best for the team to complete the perks - I do the digs if enough players sign up. I chat but not usually about other players personal lives, as I don’t usually know them enough to do so. Had my own club then bounced between clubs due to losing a lot of coins because others weren’t playing

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La Tribu is often seeking new members. Just filled a slot so we don’t have an opening but do keep an eye out. if you request to join we’ll keep you in the inbox til there’s an opening.

You find a team yet? If your a serious player who completes club quests and communicates. We are a platinum league.


We would love to have you come join Simple Life. We have just lost some Players just because of life. We were Platinum but have dropped to Gold during this bump in the road. Our Rules are simple: everyone must Chat, do Club Quests, a minimum of 3,000 points a day and Tributes. Competitions and the Race are optional. The people on our Team are lovely people. Come play with us!

Hi Mrs. A

If you haven’t yet found a new home please consider joining “Team Chat Race” we are a high gold team with reasonable rules and good people. We also have a messenger group if people want to chat. Otherwise we use the chat feature for game communications. If new players don’t acknowledge that they’ve read club notes and agree to rules, don’t chat when they’ve maxed cq’s or choose to dig or race and don’t follow team rules we boot them. We also encourage open communication when members don’t think they will max one of the two mandatory cq’s or need low ply, going on vacay, etc. We are almost full with team players. Our minimum is only 2500 cp and 25 tributes per day and digs and races are optional. Hope to see you!


Check out New York Yankee. We’re a platinum team almost completed rebuilding and would love to have you. We don’t do digging but do race and ask that you abide by our guidelines for race. We only ask for the few quests that are worth it. Average of 4ka day with 12k mandatory by Sunday reset and 28k by Thursday reset. Just send a request to join. You won’t regret it.

If you are still available we will have a spot at reset just search Chase the Waves.

If you message me your name we will be on them lookout for you!


Check out Unstoppables. We would love to have you

Join my Monkey club would be great to have you

BH Park just need to do the trib quests let someone know if you won’t be on no chatting about next doors cat or Susan’s boil​:rofl::rofl: