Looking for a "good club".

I started playing about a week ago so there is still some stuff I don’t get. But I play almost daily if I have the coins. Sometimes I don’t play if I’m out of coins. I try my best but I have health issues and I’m waiting brain surgery. (When that happens I may not play very often…) so if theres any clubs that would be willing to work with me I’d love to join. I got kicked out before I could accept the perk rewards too. They had a minimum of 10k. No idea what I had. (Does that mean coins or something else? Lol) if coins I had a little over 7k. But they went from 25 to 13 lol.

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Hi @Hillary_Grant, yes 10,000 means points. That sucks they booted you before you could collect perk rewards! Some people take this so seriously!

We have a spot open in p4p2, We ask for 10,000 points a week, but if you can’t do that, we ask you to move to one of our clubs that is ok with less points.

Here is more info on our menagerie
Join the Play4perks Menagerie

If you want to join our family, request to join, and let know your screen name, so I know to accept your request

Thank you so much!! My username is Hillary on the game. :slight_smile:
It would be probably better to be on one of the lower ones just in case! :slight_smile:

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Ok Hillary, I accepted you! Welcome to our family!

Cindy? You have a spot for me as well right?

Ugh, I want you @RobJ, but Hillary got the last spot in p4p4. I will definitely let you know when we have a spot in any of the 4 clubs. Did you read about our sister club system, and would you be ok in one of the not so accomplished clubs until a spot opens up in one of the others?

So in less than a 24hr period you gave the spot you offered me…after I gave notice to my current club to a player with a week exp? Really? Then you offer me a lesser club than I’m in now? Serious?

Awesome Warrior! We’d love to have you!

@RobJ, I’m sorry. I sent you a pm.

Come join our club “Weekender”

We have some spaces to fill in our rest club :slight_smile: its 3k daily, 24 hour idle… we are a top 25 team but created the rest club to help players who want to compete in higher teams learn and earn coins

@Hillary_Grant you say you’re low on coins…do you have at least 20 “friends” who play daily to get coins from? Also, do you know about getting free coins and boosters off the Facebook page?

Join the blueherons we need players