In a club that no one helps with!!!

My current club is not active at all. I’m not 100% sure how the club thing works but would love to be a part of something much bigger and better! Please let me know if you have any spots in your club!!! :slight_smile:


Hi @Jessica_Flaherty, welcome to the forum! I see you found the Club Recruitment section of this forum. There are many teams looking for players, and most post their requirements to stay in their club. It would also be helpful if you could tell the recruiter how many points a week you are comfortable making, and whether or not you play every day. :slight_smile:

On another note, I have 4 clubs. 3 are full, my 4th club has a couple openings. Everyone in there is active, with different levels of activity. I only ask for some activity each week, with no real point requirement. This club p4p4 usually earns 4 perks a week, and sometimes 5, which isn’t a lot if you are a high point earner. Members of p4p4 and p4p3 are invited to join our more active clubs p4p2 and Play4perks, when spots become available in there. If you think you might be interested, here is more info:

Join the Play4perks Menagerie

If you are interested, let me know here, as I rarely accept requests to join without having some sort of contact with the requester first. :slight_smile:

Hi!I searched for your open one and could not find it :frowning: However my boyfriend and I are very interested in joining! We spend every night on the couch playing this game and want all of our points to add to a club that actually cares LOL! Please let me know how I can request it!

@CindyLu I did request that Play4perks! Is that the right one?

@Jessica_Flaherty, that is one of my clubs, but that one is full. Right now we only have a spot in p4p4. That is soooo cool both you and your bf play! Send the request to p4p4 (lower case p’s) :slight_smile:

Request sent! Can I invite my boyfriend once you accept me? So excited to work our way up!! How can I keep in contact with you as spaces open in higher clubs?

I accepted your request, and we can continue this conversation in a PM, ok? :slight_smile: You’ll be getting a message from me in a minute or two.

And YES, you can invite your bf!

I recommended it to him! He should be requesting it in just a second (We are currently procrastinating from studying for our final tomorrow by playing this - LOL)

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Dream catchers will have a few openings on Friday

hi Jessica we have just started and you Club hi Jessica we have just started

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Hi Jessica we have just started a new club called cheeky Tikis recruiting you players Me Myself And The Leader have been playing a good while we just left another club where half of the people aren’t participating in aren’t pulling their load and no one is enforcing the rules you’re welcome to join we just started day before yesterday we’re looking for players that play Everyday help with Quest and communicate and pull their load

How r u in more than 1 club? Or did I read that wrong?

@Karen_Ginthwain, i have more than 1 account. When we had a couple members that couldn’t play as much, i didn’t want to remove them, but i wanted to be fair to the others. So i created another account to start a new club that those members could play in until they could play more. :slight_smile:

Wow Cindy! Now that’s What you call going above and beyond as a club leader :slight_smile: Kudos to you. Your CLUBS (lol) are lucky to have you!

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How do you open more than one club? I’m interested in opening another… Thanks

Hi @Jilly, there’s 2 ways to create another account. The first way, if you are playing TriPeaks logged into FB, you can log out of FB in the game (top left corner menu/profile icon, then tap Log out). Once you log out, you’ll be starting a new player from the start. Once you progress far enough (i believe level 18), you can join or create a club. When you log back in, you’ll be in your original account.

The second way, is if you have a second device (an old phone, tablet etc), you can download and play a second account on that device.

Just remember, if you are playing TriPeaks not logged into FB, and anything happens to a device, you’ll lose all progress. For that reason I created FB accounts to save my Tripeaks progress on all of my Tripeaks accounts.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

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Come check out Just4Play

I know the feeling, I’m looking for a new club as well. Good luck on your search and I hope that you find a good fit.

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My club is #LOVE. We play every day and you can come see if you’d like to join. I will accept you if you’d like to join. My name is Andrea