I'm Looking for a new club

Hello! I’m looking for a new club. I always get around 15k per week. I am active every day, max all the club quests and participate in the digging competition. Please message me if you think I might be a good fit for your club!

Hi, please have a look at ‘Going Up’, we could use someone like you. Currently get 5 Perks every week, and understand that work/life sometimes gets in the way of playing. Come join us :slight_smile:

Queen Bees would like to invite you to our team. We are low on members now but are trying to rebuild we are usually gold league but need more members to stay there. Most always complete 4 perks and sometimes 5 perks.

Our Way Now is our club. If you chat, collect Tributes, Max Club Quests, & when you dig in Comps as a team - one hole at a time (no random digs) you maybe a great fit. How long have you been playing? What league are you in wood, stone, gold, etc?


Sunshine, have you found a new club yet? Are you still interested and looking?

theTiKiLounge is a gold/platinum team. Club requirements are 15k club points,150 tributes per week, no idle over 36 hours. We currently have 22 members and could really use a new strong member who enjoys life and getting the perks. We have several who participate in CC with no random holes dug. We work the perks 126534.
If this sounds like a good fit, send an invite and check us out!
theTiKiLounge (TKL are capitalized) We have our own rest club and Facebook group member page. :wink:

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Hello Sunset. Come Join my club, “Butafly” I would love for you to be apart of our team. Every day I play my goal is to reach the #1 spot. Keep the volcano empty & most importantly help my team. Enjoy the game, no matter who you club with. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Sunshine4 if you haven’t found a club yet The Resty Place would love to have you. Here are our rules. Let me know what you think. Also, we GET PERK 6

Hi Sunshine. Check us out at Tiki Vacation. Our club minimum is 10,000/wk. We were Platinum but lost a couple of key players to life and went down to Gold. We are serious about our cq’s, win the second dig virtually every week, and almost always get 6 perks. We’re an irreverent bunch and chat quite a bit. Hope to see you. Lizzie

Hiya We are looking to add to our awesome members. Thank you for considering us.:heart:

Why do you non-stop beg the forum for players?? Because you can’t keep them?
Sorry not sorry but really wish you would stop spamming up the entire forum always in every possible topic.
Aside from relentless recruiting you seem to think its your personal mission to jump into any and every topic as if you are the expert on this app or an employee.
You are not, girl please sit down. :roll_eyes:

Hi @anonymous415. My team doesn’t have a problem keeping members. The Resty Place is a rest team for a diamond league team so we often move our good players from the rest team to our main team. You right I’m not a expert on the game and I’m sorry if I make it look like I’m jumping in on topics. My only intention is to help.

Hi Sunshine4! We have been trying to recruit new, “steady” players for some time now. Please check us out: “I am, I am” is our name. Thanks!

Come join Queen Bees . We are looking for players that like to play and compete.

Call it 20k and you’re platinum team material with great rewards with DreamTeam please join us

Bit heated for the forum mate. Chill

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This is definitely a doable club. I was a much more intense player, but once my son started school i had more things consuming my time. This club sounds like a dream if you still need teammates.

Please come check out Tomboys our focus is completing CQ and playing comps as a team when we have enough interest. We use our chat daily to keep each other updated …we need some good players to join

We certainly do! We have one person going to rest club and a few more who are being booted for not helping max tributes and cp.
What’s your game name?
Send us an invite or you can pm me personally for a recruit invite.

Kari please come join Queen Bees. We are looking for players like you to help rebuild our team. We like to chat and are certainly in need of players like you. Give us a try please

We are Nexus and are looking for a player just like you. We are Platinum and hope to stay there but we need good players who communicate with the team.