I need a new club asap

Looking for a new club asap. I love to play daily, work hard on cqs, tributes, perks, and challenges. Inplay better than stone league but not as good as platinum league. Lol
I don’t play fast and furious. I’m not looking to push to a higher level.


Hi Jewel check out our club Friende. Super easy rules 2k a day, 100 perks by end of week, cq, can’t make it just let us know😁

we play comfortably at Gold and are happy there if you want to drop in. 286GWR

Hi! If you haven’t joined a team, come join my team. We are generally in the platinum league- sometimes gold. Consistent team, you can be as social as you want. GReaTAre2T’s is the name :slight_smile: have a good day!

I tried to find you in the clubhouse but it said no clubs were found. Can you send me an invite?

Is your name jewelbn on tripeaks? I tried to send an invite but couldn’t find you

Hey Jewelbn…come join Retreats !!! We have fun & enjoy the competition…weekly goals ate easy to,make if you play daily…come join us !!!

Come join Team Warriors. Platinum

I have found a new team. Thank you all for your interest.


Tri peaks

We are a solid Team ready to rebuild!

Strive4Rest -We were a consistent Platinum team. In the last two months we have lost several players who could not fulfill their commitment or left for a Diamond Team. We are now down to 13 STRONG vets and we toggle between Gold and Platinum.

We are perfect if you like the potential to get all the Perks (extras too with the right teammates) and have a team that understands it is a game and you have a life- but you love to play!

We expect 20K min for the week (our top 10 usually hit about 25k and our Top 5 are always in the 30’s or more) 10K by Sunday. 200 Tributes. 75 of those by Sunday.

We Chat, buy gifts, finish Club Quests (again with strong players) and the Team creates the Club Expectations- so we are in it together! I think this is what makes us so unique. I never make unilateral decisions. I also quickly promote committed players! Our current Team has players that have been with us for over two years! And we do not allow DRAMA. We like to have FUN!

We have about 13 awesome players! We are working on making our bottom 10 even stronger and are getting closer every week.

If this sounds like a Team where you could commit and really feel like your contribution makes a difference, please check us out!

Whatever you do- look over Club Expectations and check out the Chat of any Clubs you are thinking of joining. You will get a feel for the Club and find the right fit. Good Luck!!

Hi Let’s just play is looking for a strong team player who scores above 24500 a week, helps with quests, competition etc. We are in the platinum league with a great core group of regular players. We always get all 6 perks and 7 if not too high a requirement.

If you want to check us out rules are on the motto, we would be happy to see you.

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T&K tiki club needs 5 good solid team members. We like to occasionally give gifts and generally support each other on a daily basis.

We have a club for you Card~Ninjas
Would love to have you

Look up the misfitz :grinning:

We are looking for a hard working fun player on our team We Want Perks!

Hi Jewel :gem: we would love to have you join our team it’s called Lets do this (with no apostrophe lol) we are a gold league club. Hope we see you soon.

Check us out. tributes please is looking for daily players. Low minimum, easy rules.

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If you’re still looking for a club, you should check out Quattro Tikis. We are a new club that is looking to get to Legend. Currently in Stone & daily min is 4285 with a 30k weekly total. It’ll gradually increase as we go up but we are looking for players who want to learn like you. :slight_smile: As long as you communicate and play the quests & play daily, you’ll fit right in. Hope to see you around!

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Hi! I’m a member of Groovy Livin and it sounds like we are just what you are looking for! Play for fun, no pressure. Admin’s are really nice. Not a lot of chat. Give us a peek!

Come over to A Shore Thing. We’re a good steady group. No one looking to push to a high level. Only rule is 2 days missed without notice and out…