How do you leave a Club? [Sample Post, but feel free to reply]

What’s the proper procedure for leaving a Club? Do you just up and leave, or do you say goodbye?

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I personally like it when a player says goodbye. There are no hard feelings when a player gets stolen to better club, because we’re happy with where we are as a club, but some want more, and that’s fine. :slight_smile:

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Your use of the word “stolen” is interesting. If a player is invited and leaves to go to another club, that player left, no one came and stole him/her.

Stolen might be a harsh word, and I realize sometimes a player is actively looking for a higher ranked club, and leaves. That’s ok too. But when I wake up in the morning & see that a good member left our club, I feel like they have been stolen, otherwise, why would they leave our great club? LOL.


We also like it when a player who is leaving says something to the club. Most “team players” will, just the respectful thing to do. We send them off with best wishes!

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Question … if i leave my club because i had an offer by a better ranked club … do i loose all my points for the weeks and do i still get the gifts at the end of the « perks week » ?? Thx for replying

If you leave a club before the event ends, you will lose your points. When you join a new club, you will start with 0 points. If you can, it is best to stay with your old club till the event ends, get your rewards and then change clubs. Sometimes though, it might be best just to move on and start over :grinning:


@Mags, if a person can get past starting over with 0 points, I find it better when people don’t wait till the end of the week to join our club when invited.

Even if they only earn a few points in the new club, they’ll still get the perk benefits, so they’re not out anything.

When we have a spot available, I usually invite at least a dozen people now, because most don’t accept invitations for one reason or another, so the first to accept gets the spot.

Since this topic heading says, “Jow do you leave a club?” I think it should have an answer. I think if you plan to leave a club for any reason other than going to another club, you should contact the leader to tell them you’re leaving. If you are going to accept an invitation to another club, don’t just accept and be gone. Have the courtesy to post a message saying you are moving to another club. That’s all you need to say. When someone just up and leaves, the leader is left wondering if she/he did something wrong.


I agree that leaving without saying anything is rude, the problem is spots go so fast that by the time you’ve said goodbye the spot has been filled.


I would say good bye cause if you it don’t work out with new club you can pro ally come back to them if you do n give them as much notice as you can I know that’s not always possible but if so it’s would be nice sobthey can try n replace you . IF at all possible arrange to do it at perks end so your not hurting the team your leaving would be great too

Good suggestion. How do you contact another member (aside from the group chat)?

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In my clubs, we require contact info, either via Facebook or email.

We have most fb but I feel at least every leader should have all members as friends I am leader. And I have all but 1 or 2 the one is cause I’ve been trying to figure out what she speaks n was in club before I joined but I will keep trying

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Do you have a spot available? How do you usually rank? Looking for a new club or may start one, but prefer to join an established one!! Let me know!

Hi @Tikilady, this is about our clubs. We might have a spot available in p4p2, but I would have to confirm that before I give it away. Let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:

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