How do we get Tribute Doublers?

How do we get Tribute Doublers?

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I’ve never seen that! I’d also like to know …

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Before I answer that, I need to ask you what team your on. I’m gonna be upfront with you and say that if you’re not on my team, why should I tell you.

Oh really @13frenchy13? I think you are missing the concept of this forum.

Players helping players

Maybe you’ll find some useful information offered by someone not in your club, and have a chance of heart.!

Lol, change of heart. Or, have a heart by chance


Geez, because this is ONLY a game. It’s supposed to be for fun and entertainment. If Tribute Doublers are a booster what is the big deal, unless your participating in the “World Cup Tripeaks Solitaire Bowl” (sarcasm of course).


There are no tribute doublers that I have ever seen. You get 4 bonus tributes for winning the game. I do know the tribute quest will give you club point doubler or gems. It is a game and you should be having fun!

It’s probably in a test phase, so only those selected have them

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Found this on a FB group…


I don’t remember exactly but I think our team won them on a tribute quest. They are great. I just used them to do the tribute trek for point doublers. You use the tribute doubler first, then the point doubler. You can get so many points! This is my best yet:

Our team received them in a tribute quest, they double the tributes you win and also double your club points. We have only had them once, but were very useful.

I saw them once. They just appeared once, never again. I agree with one person who thought t could be a tryout because it should appear in the gems buy page. Never saw anywhere you could earn them. We would all appreciate knowing how to get them if anyone knows without being snotty.