How can you win and compete and not spend so much money

I’m fairly new and highly addicted to this game. Does anyone have any advice on how to win and compete without spending so much money on coins and boosters? I do all the videos and just found the Facebook page benefits. But I’m losing 4 out of 5x. I’ve gotta win and not spend quite as much if I’m going to stay addicted, ya know what I mean. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


When you play a game, even if you are down to 1 card to win, just end the game. You will get more ahead restarting a game. Or go broke buying more cards. Play tributes when they are free. Every hour you can play 5 rounds. And collect free coins as much as you can. The biggest thing is don’t buy the 5 more cards when you have almost won the game


I find playing in the Expert area, the games seem to pay better, even if you don’t win. Some have paid more than the coins needed to play!


Play the shrine as much as you can. Save up the wildcards and never buy extra cards.
If your coin poor look at the round and see what trap killers you need. Go to the shrine and play till you get what you need for that round and go play it and repeat.
Use your leaderboard boosters when your going to play awhile. Thay are good for 3 hrs.
Go back to the first rounds and start over if you need to win quests. Make sure you write down the games you score well on. Then you can go back and play your fav games each day.
If you are really coin poor play the lowest tributes first. You ca always click map and go back to the easier hands with tributes.


@TriPeaksSuzy - you have an interesting post. And you certainly have a lot of coins so you must be doing something right. I think you are talking about the Treasure Shrine? If so, it costs 2,500 a shot (until you get perk 3, when you get one medallion a day). So it seems costly to play until you get the booster you need. I also have gone back and forth over whether or not to buy additional cards. It looks like the cost of 5 additional cards is roughly equal to the cost of playing the round 2 more times. So I have reasoned that it’s better to buy the additional cards and collect the win rather than keep playing the round. I have bought the additional cards mainly when trying to collect all the tributes (and the additional points). But other times, I’ve bought the additional cards just to get the win. Do you see any value in purchasing the additional cards? Maybe I’ve been wasting my coins?


I find mostof the time the cost of additional cards you can play another game but i agree you get way more club pounts if you complete your 5 Tributes games.


The medallions are free after congratulating a winner 5 times. You will get a notification when there is a winner, hit the green thumb next to their name


@ZoeJayne_Haydock…I think you were asking where this thread was. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I found that club points are important to me when I am playing. So I don’t buy extra cards very often because I can buy 2 rounds of tributes for the same cost. Just another thought.


I really like all the comments above and want to add a couple more.

Playing the shrine does cost 2500 coins. Try playing for 20 rounds and track your winnings. I feel wild cards are gold and always get a few. Overall, for me, I always come out with more coins than I started with considering free plays worth 3000.

For new players, If you can put up with a little boredom, play round 1 or 2 over and over and over. Round 1 and 2 cost 100. You can play it 30 times for the cost of one game. If you track your cost against winnings, you will be ahead.

Learn to recognize when to use the 2X booster. It will make those run of card really pay off.


@Sandy - this is great stuff. I hadn’t considered playing the shrine after I got the free medallion. Nor had I thought of the cost of tributes compared to buying extra cards. Thanks!:grin:


It’s seems every time I have bought extra cards when only having on or 2 cards left to play I don’t get the card needed so then that was a waste also the cost of coins is almost same as a new game so you pay the same for only 5 cards and still won’t win now you unpaid to play it twice and even if you do win it’s not paying out what you just paid in to play


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I personally found additional cards not worth it. To many times I don’t get what I need.
Everyone has there own system. W
Before I hit a million I only played shrine and tributes. I found it worth it to pay 3000 to get the next tributes to play right away. I also started going back to the beginning and starting over with the boosters to get high on the leaderboard and gain points for it.
I was way to serious trying to move ahead at first and made it harder on myself because the further you get the harder the tributes gets.
Also get a notepad and write down games that work well for you. I find a couple rounds in each world are set up for a win.
Most of all like most things in life if it starts feeling like work take a day or two off.
Also if your feeling the pressure of making bank for your club find one that doesn’t make you feel that way. Many groups take a break and let folks just collect coins and not worry about the competition.


I like the shrine, but I never pay to play. I save up all my free medallions, once I have about 15 free medallions than I play them all at once.


I wondering if you could save them up. Thanks for mentioning that you can save up the medallions.


I didn’t know that that’s for the info!!! :thinking:


When would you suggest are the best times to use your 2X boosters?


I was told by someone that it was really only worth spending the extra money if you or rather your club is very close to finishing its next perk…
I have kind of tried to stay by that to not waste the extra money.:wink:


Also, don’t forget about the gems you may have in the gift shop. I was very low today and cashed in some to play. I also went back to square one. As I replay I am seeing my previous mistakes, If I catch myself going so fast where I flub up and have to hit redo I now try to take a break


I buy the extra cards when I only have 1 card left to get rid of (or a sequence pair) to win. The odds are good that you will get the win then.