Good player looking for platinum club

I just left a diamond league club and am looking for a group that is more chill. I usually do 5k/day and play daily.


Hi! We need a player that can do 4k/25 tributes daily no 20 hour idle. Look us up! We also do a bank week every 6 weeks to rebuild our stash! Tipsy Tikis, Jenny is our fearless leader!

@Hannah_Michelle, come join us at Tipsy Tikis! Tracy gave you the details. We have a good time!

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I am on Family Paradise. We only require 20,000 by the end of the week.

Let me know if you’d like to join us.

Hi I’m from Da Winners we are a platinum league no 24 hr idle without notification please 7,000 by Sunday 20,000 by weeks end friendly club we can use committed new player

nffc is a great club. Everyone chats and as long as you’re meeting requirements (3k per day, play quests) everyone is happy. We swing between platinum and diamond. We’d love to have you!

PuffpuffPass needs a few good players, 4k daily, 24 hr or notify & max cq’s, we work with everyone

JudysHidaway would be a good group for you. We use chat understand life happens.

Still looking for a club? Try us. Platinum team. 5k/day. Key Largo.

No F’s to Give - 20k a week minimum consistent platinum club even though we’ve had a weak bottom 5. We Cut all 5 this week and fell to gold by 1 spot but will be back up this week with new players


hey our team is awesome, don’t let the name fool you. We have great structure and management we are just looking to replace members who are not contributing to the club quests now that we have moved up in ranks. so much of our team competes hard, talks in the chat room and the best part of the team is the generosity. i’ve never received more gifts, money spent out of others pockets on me to help me achieve more. so come on over to lost souls. super friendly and funny

Peter Perker is your new home! Come join us, we are Platinum and chatty, but we all have lives to live!

I’d like to join your group🙂.

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Send us a request through the game…Family Paradise

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CrazyBlackSheep we waiting for you :slight_smile:

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Perk pirates would love to have you! We are a fun bunch with ambitious, but not crazy players. Usually in the top 20 in our platinum League.

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If you’ve not found a home, come join us! We need a good new daily dedicated player!

Boo Hoo2 is the perfect team for you

Come join “Our Club” we are a platinum team and have 2 openings. 4K a day chat and help with Club Quests and Club Competitions

What’s a bank week? I have never heard of that

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