GENIE ON THE BEACH: Favorite Place to Vacation!

OOH - you’ve found a magic lamp on the beach! A suspiciously familiar-looking Genie pops out, and grants you one pre-thought out wish. “What vacation spot would you like to visit again, and why?”!

Answer below for a chance at :moneybag::moneybag:100,000 Coins, 10 Freeplays, 5 Wilds, 5 Volcanoes and 10 Club Point Doublers​:moneybag::moneybag:! We’ll choose ten players at RANDOM the week after next and load 'em up with the rewards!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ll be choosing the 10 players on Thursday, July 27th.


Mediterranean definitely so beautiful and so much to see

Dubai is the best vacation place
The best holiday ever

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I would love to return to Switzerland :switzerland:
My second choice would be Hawaii I was there 40 years ago for our honeymoon

Omg I’ve always wanted to go overseas to somewhere anywhere but it’s too expensive for me… :frowning: I have been to Orlando a LONG time ago and it was amazing! It’d be even better now that I am over 21 (almost 30 lol). I’d go crazy if I got a chance to go there again! We also went to Disney World! :heart_eyes:

Alabama Gulf Coast! It has beautiful beaches, and plenty of recreational activities, restaurants, and shopping! Also, my sister lives there and that’s the best part!!!

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Sevierville Tennessee, the mountains are always beautiful and peaceful

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Genie! Hope you grant my wish! I would like to visit Hawaii again even though I’ve been there twice. When I was a teenager my mom and I visited relatives in Honolulu and later, when I met my husband, we went to Maui and stayed in Lahaina. The weather is perfect and the ocean is comfortably refreshing. Not too hot and although it rained every day, no one seemed concerned about frizzy hair, damp clothes or carrying umbrellas! There really IS nothing like falling asleep to the gentle sound of the ocean waves. Genie, please grant my wish then join us for a Pina Colada on the beach? The first round is on me! Thanks!

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Germany and Austria!!

I would love to visit Rosemary Beach in Florida again! I’m in need of a good beach vacation and Rosemary Beach is the cutest town to visit!

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25th Anniversary my wife took me to Niagara Falls,Canadian side. It was magical, dinner on the terrace overlooking The Falls. Riding the boats down at the bottom. We took an elevator down to river level. Swirling masses of water, you know right there (there’s a handrail). A cable car ride across the turn of the river,water swirling in a circle, amazing.


West Virginia so beautiful and peaceful

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, beautiful weather, beach & resort. Had an amazing time - went in November.

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I would say Paris. Did the exchange thing in high school but would appreciate it much much more now.

Myrtle beach Sc
We have gone as much as possible.I have Ostioarthritis and am unable to get on the beach but i still enjoy the ocean and quiet time with my husband of 23 years.We would love to go again.

Cozumel - my favorite place to go diving!

Terceira Island in the Azores!!!
Zero Crime…friendliest people on earth…it’s considered the Hawaii of Europe…prices are ridiculously inexpensive…and it’d be an excellent place to retire!

Would love to return to my favorite happy place the now former Omni Resort now owned by Wyndum in Cancun Mexico. So many fun times there with family.

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London! My husband and I went on a whim when he was stationed in Germany, and we LOVED it! We loved it so much we even tried to get stationed in England, but it fell through :pensive: I would go back in a heartbeat!

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