Game is freezing

The game keeps freezing during play. I have to restart my phone to get out of the game. Also, the game randomly stops and boots me out, almost daily. I play on an Android phone.

Same thing is happening on my Android device

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When this happens on my Android devices, I go to settings, apps, and look for the particular game I’ve been playing. The first thing I do is a ‘Force Stop.’ The second thing I do is open Storage and here you have to be VERY CAREFUL!!! Look for “Clear Cache.” DO NOT CLEAR DATA!!! REPEAT: DO NOT CLEAR DATA!!! Clear CACHE only!!!

Hopefully that will help with your device freezing. It always works for me.

I thought it was an issue with my iPad! Glad to know other are having the same issue.

I clean cache everyday and still get same issues unfortunately.

Game is not only freezing, but it does have other glitches as well. The one below shows no levels for me to play, yet I have already completed this island.

A lot of people are finding that they are running out of space/memory on their phones and need to delete some apps or photos or such. Otherwise have you tried deleting the game and reinstalling it. (Make sure you are connected to Facebook first though).

I have complained about this happening to me as well. Glad to know I am not the only one

This past week freezing was extremely brutal. I also have an Android and follow the routine of clearing cache, etc. It is supposed to be a “known issue” for Android users and they are “working on it”. By the time the fix is in, they may not have any Android users playing their game anymore!:angry:


I have both android and Apple and it is the same issue for both, Peter admitted that there is a problem with the game relating itself to the device but they still try to blame me, my 5G or my new device, never their fault


It’s been doing it on all devices. I have complained to them for 5 months now. So has my team! All they like to say is, we are aware of the problem and are working on it! It’s very frustrating that there customer service doesn’t want to help! They act like giving you stuff you lost us coming out of their pockets!


This has started happening on my Samsung S21 recently. I had the problem with another phone, but I figured it was because it was really old. I’ve been playing on the S21 for well over a year and had not had the problem until recently. I have cleared my cache and will see if that helps. Since it just started it seems it has to be something the game is doing. I hope it gets fixed soon!

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It isn’t your phone, it’s GSN. They have another company that does something for them. GSN says it’s the other companies fault and that company is working on it. I sent in a few “help” tickets before they told me this

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That doesn’t work. It is a GSN issue. They have admitted it. I clear my cache, force stop, remove, restart my device, download. All the hoops, bells and whistles GSN has told everyone to jump through. It doesn’t work. It has never worked and I have a hard time believing it ever will work

I agree. They are trying to blame the user ir user device and it
boils down to their backend tech issues. Ridiculous

Same thing happens to me and my Android. Annoying to have turn off phone and then back on. Sometimes it looses the game and/or the rewards. Sometimes the game/ rewards stay.

Normally, “force stop” and deleting cache have solved my problem. However, recently that’s not the case. Added to this is losing rewards for games won, which happened several times yesterday. That’s not occurred before. Aggravating, to say the least!!!

Same with me. Freezing up and then losing games and rewards. This has also happened several times yesterday and b4. Irritating to say the least. We should be compensated with $ and the other things the others things we play to earn.

GSN or whoever owns the game now, claims it’s a 3rd party company they hired, that is the problem. I sent complaint after complaint being as nice as possible. They sent me 20,000 coins 1 time. Every time I complain that the problem is still not fixed, they come back with “we can’t give you any more coins”, I never asked for coins, I asked for the game to be fixed. It doesn’t matter all the coins we have lost getting booted. It’s not even fun playing the game with all the freezing and booted. If I wasn’t the leader of such an awesome team of people I would have quit playing. Most of them hang in there through all of this, and I love them. We still need a few players on our platinum team, Merrys Misfits, if anyone is interested.


Ik heb ook al lang hetzelfde probleem. Wat er nu bijkomt is bij de laatste kaart ik een aankoop doe, ik eruit word gegooid en ben ik mijn spel kwijt!