Game is freezing

I mean…trowing out the game ! Not "ik sluit woord!

Same thing with us. Thank you for responding, they should know the problem is world wide.

It doesn’t work for me, or anyone on my team :frowning_face:

Same thing happens to me on my Android as well. Frustrating when you lose the points you earned.

It’s so annoying when you’re in the middle of a game, and it just freezes up or boots you out. Like, come on, we just want to play and have fun! I’ve had similar issues with other cash app payout games in the past. I’ve tried reaching out to support teams before too, and it feels like they don’t always get that we want the game fixed, not just a bunch of coins. It’s great that they gave you 20,000 coins, but it’s kind of useless if the game keeps crashing, right? It’s awesome that you’re sticking around for your team. Merrys Misfits sounds like a fantastic group of people, and it’s so cool that you all hang in there together. If I wasn’t already wrapped up in another game, I’d totally join you guys!