We have been subjected to “tech supports” friend center testing loosing at least 30,000 coins a day, not including quests that could not be accomplished do to not being able to receive the coins every 4 hours …or for some, only 3 friends every 4 hours.
We want the testing to end NOW. We want compensated 30,000 coins a day for losses, per each day we endured testing!
Complaints do not get heard, with a passive response that testing will be over soon. You have ruined many people’s holiday over Christmas, when we take time off only to be frustrated with your testing and not being able to complete quests, etc.
1 DAY NO PLAY! Let’s all send a msg to tech support and not play at all on FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st. Please let all your club members know, and together we can make a difference!


I think that is a Great idea!


The coin received amount should change from 15000 to 25000. 5 friends sending 5000 each.


I’ve passed the information along to my Team to see if there is support for the idea.

Tiki Fun is in! 1 Day No Play 1/31/20.

Please list your clubs name that is participating in the 1 DAY NO PLAY on Friday, January 31st!
Tiki Fun is participating.

Tiki Fun is in for the 1 Day No Play…is your club?

Just playing in in for Fri. No Play!

Where are the rest of you? Frustrated with the testing and complaints going unheard by tech support? If we don’t stand together and send a msg…we have no reason to complain…because things will just cont. as is. By not playing ONE DAY - NO PLAY on 1/31/20…you will not be on to watch ads for coins which ultimately hits their wallet! They will take notice! Join in sending a msg to tech support!!!

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Thank you…Just Playing! I sent msgs for the FRIEND CENTER PETITION to over 20 other forum postings! I am hoping that at least half of the games players participate in 1 DAY NO PLAY on 1/31/20! Wouldn’t that be absolutely great!!!

I agree it has been testing too long, the support group doesn’t answer just send generic letters yes compensation would be nice. 60,000 x 30 plus perks. This is a huge loss, I like your idea but they don’t care.

Mad1…don’t you think with no players for 1 day watching their ads for coins…they don’t get paid…it hits the wallet! Please let your club know…1 DAY NO PLAY on 1/31/20! I think it will make a difference!

My team will boycott. Ine day no play also.

I’m with you all!!! I won’t play either!!! I hate the new friend center and everything they have changed. They seem to be money hungry now

Club McManiacs no play 1/31

In just one week…we all banned together to send a msg to tech support! I hope they appropriately respond to all complaints, stop friend testing, and compensate all losses!
1 Day No Play starts tonight at midnight 1/31/20!

The club I’m in is making an effort to all send emails telling them what we think, respectfully of course, about the Friends Center Testing. Those who are thinking about quitting will say so. We’re still going to play tomorrow, but we won’t be buying any coins or watching any ads other than the ones that pop up. We hope that helps in sending our message.

My team, Left Sharks, will not play tomorrow in protest.

Count Orphans of Tiki in on the boycott tomorrow. Our Leader is KG. No one on our team is happy with the “testing” of the friend center nor rescue mission.