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I’m a relatively new player. I started playing in August 2020. I took a 6 wk break and started actively playing again in October 2020. Since then I’ve been playing daily. In the beginning, I was automatically placed in a ‘zombie’ team (last log - in 89 days ago, etc).

Sometimes I was the only active player. I stayed in that team/league for a couple of wks. I wanted to improve my game, so I went looking for a team with a pulse. I found a public team in the gold league with a solid core of 20-21 members. The following week, I think we made it into the platinum league (there were a few other players joined the same wk I did). This is my first and only ‘real’ non-default team.

We had a player that was a bit of “over-achiever”, he would average 120k-140k weekly and was always receiving invites from other teams/leagues. He was also our top player every wk. Despite his consistent performance, he wasn’t the leader and apparently had no desire to be leader, he was also loyal to our team.

Over time the OG members left the group, and our top player who was co-leader became leader by default. On our team, we had multiple co-leaders (6-7) After a few wks I was promoted to a co-leader. I didn’t want/ask for this title but didn’t think that it would be an issue because we had so many other co-leaders.

I joined a more active team to learn the game. I also really liked playing on a team because it kept me more engaged and I found it interesting to learn the different ways ppl play the game. The game changes when you play on a more dynamic team and for a few weeks we had a great team!

I understand that it can take a few months to rebuild a team/start a new team, so as long as that is communicated I have no issue staying on a team/joining a team that is in the process of re-establishing themselves. I don’t love being ghosted in the middle of the night by multiple members of my team both new and old - especially when that member is the leader!!! If I did, I would’ve stayed on the OG zombie team!

Our original leader left the club and the top player became leader, without telling anyone he left the team after reset, making me leader by default. There is now a mass exodus occurring within the team. I have no desire to be leader/co-leader but would like to play on a more established team or with a core group of established players even if the group is new or in a different league.

Despite only playing for a couple months, I’ve seen some drama/poor behavior. Example, collectors -ppl who join a team at the end of any event to collect the perks, then move on to the next team. We had some ppl that didn’t even last 1-2 hours. Some ppl joined for a few minutes? Did they accidentally join the club?

For that reason, I would prefer to play on a team that is ‘invitation only’. I would also like to play on a team with members in multiple timezones. Because it’s easier to get help with the game and compete in some of the cqs.

The team I played on seemed to be a US based team all within eastern timezone. Which btw, is my timezone/location, but I’ve been having sleep issues, so I have played at all hours of the day! We had a few players located outside of that timezone but not many. Also several members didn’t chat, so I had no idea where they were located?

My stats: I average between 70k-85k a week. Top 3 contributor (all weeks). Top 2 all but one wk. Top team tiki hunter wk avg (1k-1.5k). I play all cqs and max almost all of them (the only one I struggle with maxing is red star but I do contribute). Once I receive notification I always check the gift shop. If a team gift is purchased will say “thank you”. I try to welcome new members and share any tips I may have.

I will help the team qualify to dig but generally don’t dig. I prefer to use $ to play/learn the “core” game and hunt tikis. One of the reasons I hunt tributes is because it forces me to play levels I wouldn’t normally play (allowing me to earn more team pts) Our team almost always completed all perks (including special) with the exception of the previous one (a wk from last Thursday).

I’m hoping to find a supportive (chatty) team. We don’t have to speak everyday but pls say “hi” once in awhile. I would also prefer to play on a team that doesn’t have daily minimums (for points/tributes) I’m ok with requirements like: “20k by Sunday” I just don’t want to feel forced to play everyday because of a rigid requirement.

I would also prefer that the team not consists of 24 other “guests” The name you provide doesn’t have to be real, pronounceable, or in a common language. I’m ok with a pseudonym just something identifiable example: Guest #1, a series of numbers, a string of symbols, or a word in a language other than your own.

There is member on a different team, in my current league that uses a series of punctuation marks to refer to the female antimony (that’s it!). While I would find it a bit awkward to address him in the chat using the same characters, I still find this preferable to addressing a “guest”. Although most guests seem to be non-verbal.

I will also do more than the minimum. I’ve played every single day for the past 61 days but I also would prefer not to play on a team that kicks members out with 12-18 hr idles even with chat communication because life does happen.

I’m actually pretty laid-back although I’m not sure this post conveys this! I know that existing clubs will have their own rules that differ from my preferences but I’m hoping that by being candid, I can find a club that is a better a fit.

I want a new long-term home not just a place to collect perks. Which is also why I thought posting here rather than just joining a club blindly might be a better route and demonstrate my ongoing commitment to finding the right team.

If you think I might be a good fit for your team please send an invite/respond to this post with some information about your team. Example general rules, what order do you play perks, how many co-leaders do you have. etc?

Is there a way I can read clubs rules (without joining a club) if the team has not but that information in their club motto? If so, how?

Any additional suggestions for finding a good team? When did you feel ready to move-on to a different team or league?


Kelly (“KikI”) Fun in Florida

Based purely on weekly accumulated points, you belong on diamond or even a legend club.

If the rules are not in the motto, you will have to join to read. It’s not a big deal, you may be accused of being a perk collector, but big deal. If the team isn’t a right fit, it isn’t right fit and you’ll never see them again so who cares.

Obviously one can stay however long as they wish for social reasons but for me, if you are consistently in the top 3 to 5 of a club, then it can be time to move on for purely game play reasons. I generally would prefer to be in the 12 to 18th position as my sweet spot. Not so low as to be in constant worry of being booted but not so high where I feel like I’m doing too much work for the team.

As for finding a team, you could probably just start with the top clubs list and work your way down. Just be aware the stronger teams almost always have a max idle requirement, this is so everyone helps out on the daily quests. Averaging 70 to 85k, that’s 10 to 12k a day, just compare your self with other team members per club and see where you fit then ask to join. . Should be no harder than that for playing purposes. Socially theres really no way to know if it’s a good fit unless you stay the club a bit.

FYI legend teams are very strict with idle rules when you first join. In general the stronger teams will require more “work” and be chattier while weaker teams will be less stringent but also less chatty cause members aren’t around as much, you’ll just have to find that happy intersection for you.

Also a plug for Pele’s Piranhas, although you might have to qualify and play the club competition.

Good luck.

Hi Kelly, we have openings on our team Golden Tikis. We have a great core group who have been together since 2018. We had a similar experience where our leader just ditched the team and I was promoted to leader by default. I created a new team with a new name and everyone followed. We have been together ever since. We are a platinum team but currently at gold because we lost several “loafers” who only logged in to collect and didn’t play much. We are looking for daily players who will help with CQ, Club comp. and at minimum 25k and 200 tributes per week. There are a few teams with our name. Look for leader named Tina. Oh and I’m in Florida too! We have a diverse group in different time zones which sounds like what you’re looking for. Would love to have you on our team. We are a chatty bunch and have become friends. Oh, I did want to mention that we are public only because the invite only option doesn’t seem to work properly. We were invite only but when someone requested to join, once I accepted, that player disappeared. Once I have a full team I will change to invite only. Currently still trying to find the right team players for our group.

Hi Tina,

Thank you for the reply. Wow! you weren’t lying when you said there are several groups names Golden Tikis. I think I found the group some of the other members (Theresa, David, Renee, Anne)? Just want to make sure that I have the right group?

I’m currently the leader and we have one other co-leader, since all other co-leaders left (w/o notice). I’m not sure where the other co-leader is located but they play later in the day, which leads me to believe that they are in a different timezone.

I don’t want to put the co-leader in the same position I was put in (leaving in the middle of the night - esp w/o other co-leaders) so I plan to at least let them know that I’m leaving and promote others to co-leader(s) per the current co-leader’s preference.

Right now I’m just exploring my options. It may be a few/days or wks before I leave my current team. Since you were kind enough to respond to my reply I didn’t want you to think I’m blowing you off. I may look for legend/diamond rest team to join. I may take a break and comeback after a few weeks. I may go back to playing on individual level w/o a team or on a zombie team etc.

Being in the gold leaque isn’t an issue. When I first started on current team we were in the same league and within a wk we moved up, so I know how quickly things change with the addition/loss of players.

Also being public isn’t really an issue - we were also public but switched to private once the team filled up. The only issue I would have is if you public and don’t boot. But if you’ve been playing this long - I’m sure you’ve seen it all so I doubt that is an issue.

We just had a player join yesterday morning, they had a name ( a +), didn’t chat, and went idle immediately after joining (zero pts) well we are currently working our way (slowly) through perk # 6, that’s not really fair to remaining members who are working towards that goal with fewer members and no boosters.

So I removed the “loafer” after about 12 hrs. I’m just trying to avoid this situation. We had another long term member who normally doesn’t chat at all, say that they were not feeling well and wouldn’t be playing for a few days. I have no issue with that even if exceeds our established idle time. I just wanted to clarify that it’s not really about rules but more about the lack of communication/lack of minimum effort. Which I’m sure you understand after being ghosted.

Just an FYI - I know that some teams switch to private on Wednesdays then back to public after reset. You may avoid collectors that way, but also may avoid some good players looking for a new home. A lot of our good players were acquired on a Wed because they were looking for new homes (not collecting) and knew that there would be a lot of “team shifting” going on the day before reset.

Do boot after 24 hours (even if team member chatted)?

Would your team have an issue if I joined for a few weeks to see if I was a good fit? I would tell you before leaving via chat if it didn’t work out.

What perk order do you follow? Does it vary?

If I have the right team if looks like you guys are now Platinum. Congrats!

I’m actually not in located in Florida (the name of the club is what I inherited). I’m not even sure we have any members in FL, anymore? I’m in OH but wish I was in FL (esp now that there is snow on the ground). On the plus side. I plenty of time to play Solitaire, while I’m stuck inside the next 4 months.

Which is actually why I was asking about daily play. I currently play everyday but I’m not sure I will continue at the same pace once we get warm weather.

All the best,


ANGEL WINGS is looking for players. We are currently a platinum team but usually diamond. Had some members leave for personal reasons the past month. We are Very flexible. 35k min a week. Tributes when needed. Cq and chat a must. If you need time off, just let us know. Look forward to playing with you. Good luck.

You have found our group. We currently have 2 spots open if you want to bring anyone along with you. Soon to be 3. We had a “Guest” join earlier today and has been idle for 10 hours. We too are slugging along through perk 6. We have some strong players and some not so strong but they play everyday so I let them stay. We do have a 24 hr rule but if you let us know in advance you will be away, you will not be removed. We have several front line workers on our team so it is completely understandable when they go idle. But they let us know in advance which is nice. That way we know to play a little harder to pick up the slack. No big deal. That’s what makes a good team. We work together and we know life happens. It would not be a problem if you joined and moved on later. It’s a game. I am actually friends with a previous member of our team who moved on and created her own team which is now a legend team. Her team is Bad Aces if you’d like to check them out. Her name is Taryn…sometimes she uses TarynItTheFUp! Sometimes her members jump into our team when they need to slow down a bit. It helps us both out.
It’s funny you say you’re in Ohio. I’m actually from there. Born and raised. I’ve been in Florida 28 years now. When we have a full team we like to do our perk order 2,6,1,3,4,5, special if we can get to it.

@kiki2020 Play Everyday has an opening and you would be a great fit! There are multiple teams with the same name just look for the one with Martha as the team leader! We don’t have a daily requirement, but we ask for 15k by Monday & 25k weekly. Competition is optional, but if you qualify you need to play. We’re usually a platinum team, but during ‘bank weeks’ and sometimes near major holidays we might slip down to gold. We ask that you have a name & let us know if something is going on that might prevent you from playing. Many of our team members have been on our team for 3+ years. We’re currently a public group because we have an opening that we’re trying to fill, however as we near perk Celebration we switch to invite only to avoid jumpers. Hope to hear from you

Thank you very much for your very thoughtful reply. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer to my (rather lengthy) inquiry.

Originally when I joined a team I was looking for something in the gold league to better my understanding of the game. But even within the gold/platinum leagues there is still quite a bit of team shuffling, which can disrupt game play. As you know some of the CQs have minimum 23-24 player participation, so really need to have a stable core team or you can’t participate and earn points. You’ve given me some great points to consider.

Instead of looking for a team in the diamond/legend league to join because I’m not sure that I ready for that. I’m currently looking for a rest team from either the legend/diamond league. That way I have the benefit of playing with more seasoned players in a less competitive atmosphere. I’m assuming that if it’s a rest team they will be more relaxed rules regarding idle time?

When I first started my friend list mainly consisted my team but recently I started weeding out friends that don’t share. They don’t even have to share with me, some people refuse to share with anyone! So now I’m looking at my friend list and the red star leaderboard to get the names of some potential teams.

I did check out the team you recommended but they are full. I’m sure the good teams can take awhile to get into unless you have an established relationship with them or one of their members. But thank you for the suggestion.

Best Wishes!


Team name Sol…we are exactly what you are looking for and we are reestablishing ourselves…once you’re in let us know who you want to bring along and I’m sure our leader will make it happen

Hi Kiki,
My name is Denise & you are very welcome in my club,
Island Friends…
We are Gold/Platinum, here are my club rules::

  1. Must max all club quests if possible
  2. No idle over 20hrs w/o letting me know first, rarely a problem
  3. Competing in Comp is up to you
  4. Click Club Chest
  5. Must play min 3 sets of tributes a day
  6. No max daily amt
  7. We love chatting but not ev1 does, Only respond to chat if I or co leaders are trying 2 get hold of you if U don’t chat
  8. Always post Maxed when done with CQ
  9. I created a FB group page but I give new members 2wks to decide if they love it enough to join it. But can B discussed…
  10. Ten of my members have been with me almost 5yrs & they’re amazing people, we are literally like family & treat all like family…
    I have 2 CO’s who are sisters, 2 CO’s who are husband/wife, plus 3 more COs, they’re all super sweet ppl… All of them have been with me for last 5yrs…
    You will be welcomed with wide open arms… ; )

Thank you for the invitation Denise. Your rules sound very reasonable and any player would be lucky to have you as a Team Leader! I wish I would’ve found someone like you months ago! I appreciate the offer - currently working with a new team in a more competitive league. If something happens and it doesn’t work out, I may be in touch. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. I wish you luck in finding the right player for you team. Merry Christmas! Kelly

please join our club you would be a good fit. sandys bottom

Hello you sound perfect for our team “Handsdown4ever” perk order is 1 2 3 6 4 5 We get most all the club quest and all the perks. We stay gold league so not to get harder quest like play95 games or 120 tributes or 150 red stars. Ours stay lower but with good rewards. We have 4 coleaders. Sandie is our leader. Our club rules are 1K before first idle and 25 tributes in first 24 hours. Idle limit is 26 hours but not in stone. Posting on club quest when maxed. We are a chatty team. Very nice members. No drama. Usually have golden tiki card ny Sunday night to early Monday morning. We only do competitions if we have golden tiki and if enough want to but do ask not to qualify if not going to contribute. We are full mostly but if you request in we will get you in. Thanks I am Dixie and hope to see you on our team soon

I’m sorry but it has to be said: you help the team qualify for the dig competition but you don’t dig? So you let everyone else spend coins/boosters to dig and just reap the gem reward at the end? That would not fly in any league I’ve seen… :woman_shrugging:

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Lucky Starz. Half team are resting plat … and diamond…half eager fairly new . Several including myself ( Punisher) play on other platinum teams. Rulz are in motto just “because”. If u know how to play, that’s all that matters. Members in Spain Thailand England Canada all over Us.We do have one serious rule…have fun play to come play a bit…like it stay…don’t…leave no hard feelings

Oh we are leading gold…but really don’t want team going Plat…got another for that…but if team wants…team gets…come along for the ride…warning…they are a chatty fun bunch on all times of day and nite! Invite and perk order changed based on score levels weekly

Ok, clearly I’m not a good fit for your team. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and part of working as a team means accepting those differences and taking the good with the bad.

We had club members that joined right before an event ended. We had players that waited until perk #6 was completed before they started participating. We had members purchase club gifts w/o a thank you to the purchaser. We had people join the club right after reset and go idle - contributing zero points, while still receiving all the perks. These are all examples of poor player behavior but it’s doesn’t mean that they were poor players.

I contributed 70k-85k a wk, so I wasn’t “reaping” rewards w/o contributing. Additionally, I helped my team qualify to dig, but that does not mean they were successful and placed in the competition. Their win/lose record was probably 50/50. But even when they placed. I think they only won the top prize once.

Because we had a revolving door of players - they pretty much needed all the core players to qualify so that they could even participate in the digging competition. You can’t win a competition you didn’t qualify for.

I didn’t go into further detail regarding the circumstances as to why I didn’t dig because my post was already very long. But since you have a keen interest in the backstory despite providing no discernible information regarding active club recruitment, valuable tips, tricks, or hints, and indicating early on in your post that I would not be a good addition to your team. I will elaborate further for your own benefit, perhaps this information will prove useful to you in your role as Co-Leader, especially when trying to actively recruit new players.

Not all teams participate in the digging competition - I’ve received offers within this post - indicating that digging was optional.Not all teams, but some - so I’ll have to refute your assertion: “That would not fly in any league I’ve seen…” I will also remind you many teams within the lower leagues especially rookie don’t have enough players to participate in the digging competition, which is why I didn’t encounter until I got to the gold league.

When I was in the lower league I was unable to participate in the digging competition because we only had a handful of players. When I got to the new club, there were long-standing communication issues (which I mention in the post). I’m sure in your capacity as Co-leader, you leave nothing unexpressed as evidenced by “I’m sorry but it has to be said…”

I pretty much taught myself the core game through trial and error, which was no big deal because it was my money. I knew that the digging competition was a “club competition”, because I was new I didn’t want to waste “club shovels” (and potential payout) attempting to learn a game I didn’t fully understand. It wasn’t until I had been with the club about 6 weeks that a new member typed in the chat “club shovels belong to the individual but the payout belongs to the team”.

Had my team been willing to answer some basic questions regarding the game - I would’ve been more than happy to dig.

Yes, coins/booster are resouces but so is knowledge pertaining to the game. Expectations are a two-way street, if they were unhappy about me not digging they could have taken the time to communicate that (just as you have), while mentioning the fundamentals of the game.

Since you brought up the point of asymmetrical resource distribution amongst the team. I thought I would point out, that there is no way ensure that each member contributes equally. Although it’s up to the team’s leader/co-leader to ensure fairness. Maybe that’s why you mentioned it? Although to appeal to a wider audience instead of posting to an individual’s page regarding club recruitment, you might have more luck… and views, if you created a new (general) topic and posted it in a more appropriate forum like: club etiquette.

Since you’ve provided me with the opportunity to share my views regarding the subject. I can only go by my personal experience. In my gold/platinum club for awhile we had a core group of players. We had the top player that scored around 120-140k a week, then I scored 70-85k, and then the next player was probably in 60-70k range. The rest of the team probably had a weekly score in 25-40k range.

Meaning there was a difference of roughly 30k-40k between me and the other players. In order to gain club points I also had to use coins/boosters to play different levels, so I too had to use my own resources to accrue club points/perks. Additionally, I probably played more (and lost) which is why my pt total/tribute total ratio is off. So in addition to losing assets like coins and boosters, I also had to spend a lot of time learning the game on my own (resource - time).

I don’t understand the point of your comment - if you don’t have anything constructive to say please don’t respond to my post. Just as you believe that I didn’t add anything of value to my former team. You’ve not added anything worthwhile to this conversation, despite your initial assertion.

Hi There! Since my initial posting, I’m trying out more competitive team, they are willing to work with me knowing that I’m a beginner. Right now, I’m not sure it will work out, but I would like to see where it goes. I LOVE YOUR TEAM MOTTO!!!

For awhile, I was actively looking for a rest team made up of diamond/platinum/legend players but didn’t have much luck. I wish I had received your offer sooner. If things don’t work out, or I want to try something different, I may contact you. I hope you find the right player for your fun & interesting team. GOOD LUCK!

Hi Dixie! Thank you for the offer. I’m currently working with a new team. They are in a more competitive league, so I’m not sure it will work out. If something changes I may be in touch. I hope you find the perfect player for your club

Thank you very much for the kind offer. I’ve found a new home. I hope you find the best fit for your club! If I ever go looking for a new club again, I will see if you have an openings/accepting invites. All the best