Deb's Tiki Buds looking for long term member

Deb’s Tiki Buds is a solid platinum club with mostly long term consistent members. We’ve lost a couple to real life issues and have 2 openings. We require 15k per week, 150 tributes, and tribute quests mandatory. If your looking for drama free competitive play, check us out.

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Still looking for a player? I’ve been loyal to a certain team for 1 1/2 years but it broke up. Joined another club and have climbed to the top 3 but they’re no fun! No one chats. I prefer a chatty platinum club. Right now have about 50k points and over 200 tributes. 61x club champ. I would prefer not to leave my current club until Friday.

Give us a try. We don’t chat a lot, but try to communicate.

IF you still have 2 openings…

Link (if i did it right) includes our resume. lol Thanks!

We currently have room for 2 players.
The team is Tipsy Tiki’s
Our rules are

  1. 15k by Sunday for golden tiki

2.No 20 hour idle, unless previously communicated

The only team quests that are mandatory is the tribute trek, we ignore the rest, but usually do get a few, we do have 3 players including myself that have an extra account to help our team if needed with tribute quests, so getting the quest done is rarely an issue

As a bonus we have bank week every 6 weeks, where we play casually, allowing players ro build up their coin bank, that includes ignoring tribute quests to give us the reset for easy wins on gems and club doublers

Our perk order is 6,1,2,3,4,5 and 7 if it’s 250k or less. So golden tiki is available usually Sunday most times.

Gem competition is not mandatory, if you qualify you have to win and play 14 digs minimum.

During the summer we switch to holiday minimums which is 15 k by Monday!

Guests are booted
Here is a screenshot of our club