Hello! I have been playing for a little over 5 months and have been club leader since August (inherited team because leader stopped playing). I didn’t set out to be club leader and would be happier just playing in a higher level club that is solid. I could however help out as a Co-leader if ever needed (since I know the ropes). I usually do 30K+ a week BUT because I know life happens would say I could promise at least 20K+ AND 200+ Tributes a week.

My partner started playing a little over 4 months ago. She averages 20k+ AND 100+ Tributes a week. Again, because life happens, she is more comfortable promising around 15K and 100+ Tribs weekly.

We want to play together and are a package deal!

Plus, if needed…
PERK - Both of us also play (as needed) from a sperate account we were able to set up on a lap top. Use it in an effort to help our current club finish tribute quests. It is limited to the first 5 islands for reasons you likely understand already. Average 15k+ and 300+ tribs (currently have 419 tributes for this week’s tournament). Would be more comfortable promising 10K if desired.

We are daily players. We always do our part to complete Club quests, especially tribute related, and are frustrated by other clubmates not doing their part. Digs are especially a sore spot since it seems that players love to qualify and then not produce a single shovel while reaping the rewards. DIGS ARE ALSO NOT A PRIORITY for us and participation would depend on available time and coins. I can however guarantee you that we would produce shovels and actually dig if we did qualify/enter for the competition!

WE ARE NOT CHATTY PEOPLE! Not saying that we are not willing to communicate, as needed, via chat. Not REALLY sure why chatting is necessary unless you are going to be out of pocket and need to give notice. We are also not connected via Facebook and don’t want to.

We don’t mind rules as long as other club members follow the same.

Also, please note that I CAN’T STAND PLAYERS NAMED GUEST and would rather not play on a team that allows them.

Would like to find and start playing for another club AS SOON AS THIS WEEKS TOURNAMENT ENDS if possible.

Wow…didn’t mean to write a book. Thanks to whoever reads all that! Appreciate the consideration!


Hi Moni. It sounds like you’d be a great fit for Golden Tikis. We currently have 4 openings. We are private so if interested, please look us up and request to join. We do not allow guest accounts. Digs are totally up to you. If you can’t, that’s fine. We are currently at Gold but we lost a few players and it’s the holidays so we’ve slacked a bit. Come check us out.


What a greatly detailed post!
We currently have room for 2 players.
The team is Tipsy Tiki’s
Our rules are

1.15k by Sunday for golden tiki

2.No 20 hour idle, unless previously communicated

  1. The only team quests that are mandatory is the tribute trek, we ignore the rest, but usually do get a few, we do have 3 players including myself that have an extra account to help our team if needed with tribute quests, so getting the quest done is rarely an issue

  2. As a bonus we have bank week every 6 weeks, where we play casually, allowing players ro build up their coin bank, that includes ignoring tribute quests to give us the reset for easy wins on gems and club doublers

  3. Our perk order is 6,1,2,3,4,5 and 7 if it’s 250k or less. So golden tiki is available usually Sunday most times.

  4. Gem competition is not mandatory, if you qualify you have to win and play 14 digs minimum.

  5. During the summer we switch to holiday minimums which is 15 k by Monday!

  6. Guests are booted

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Hey there! Found your club and very interested. I take it the 25K per wk rule is flexible? We would most often satisfy that number but not always. We would be good about giving notice if we are out of pocket and can’t play which rarely happens anyway. Please confirm and we will send the request to join. BTW my player name is Moni and my partners name is Sandy so that you who the requests will come from. 3rd account name is SnMx2WooHoo (get it…Sandy and Monica?..lol). Let me know if you want me to sign up that account as well. Happy to let that player account come and go as need be. Thanks!

Totally flexible. We have several players who don’t meet the minimum due to job restraints but help the team in many other ways.

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Sounds perfect!!! Both Sandy and I have sent requests to join but still also see the “Request Join!” button which is odd. I know in the case of friend requests, once you hit the “Add Friend” button it goes away.

There is also a “Leave” button in current club. I’m not sure how this is supposed to work. Figure that leaving is an automatic function when our request is accepted but I’m not entirely sure.

Please let me know if you don’t see us in your club inbox. We are saving our coins and waiting to play until we get moved over!!! :slight_smile:

I do not see a request. Maybe try again. I’m not sure what happens once accepted or if you have to leave your current club first. I’ve been with Golden Tikis since 2018 and only left a team once before. Try requesting again. I’ll go on now and check again.

Or if you want to tell me the current team name, I can find you and send a request.

We are in Take 3

I think there are many so screenshot might help you. Sandy and Moni. Thank you so much!

Found you. Invites sent.

come to Sandy bottom, we get all the perks. platinum team 20 k plus 100 Tributes

If she sent a request to join your club.
If you are invite only it would be in you inbox and you would hit accept, she would than get a notification in her inbox that your club accepted her, she clicks that and it automatically takes her to your club.

When your club is public she would just click join and that would be it.

Come to beach lovers . Very friendly team with lots of communication.

Nana’s Natives is a private club and family is first, but we are a gold and platinum club. You sound like a lot of our team players. Come join us and if you don’t like our rules and atmosphere, you can always leave.

Have you taken a look at Dobby’s Island?

Tiki seas is a nice club. Solid gold but gets to platinum occasionally. I’ve been on this team for over three years and we have a good nucleus.

Hi Moni … I can have Kelly my Co-leader contact you about you & your friend joining us.we ask for what you say you need.
Unfortunately we have to remove a player often for not playing as a team. What do you think?

Hi Moni! We would love to have all 3 of you on our team.Time to play. We don’t allow guests , We currently are looking for team players, we have a pretty good team with the exception of a few that we are currently trying to weed out. If you are still interested we would love to send all 3 of you request to join our team? Sounds like we would be a great fit for each other!

Yeah I’m in buddy all day I would too

Please consider Secret Treasure. We get Club quests, communicate with chat when you max. Get 30k a week. Digging is optional. Nice supporting group