Daily player needs new club quick

Daily player. Looking for a new club with a nice, fun name.
Current club, I got us up to stone league, doesn’t have enough active players, I’ve been top player by a large margin every week since I joined.
Love doing club quests, well, all quests really.
Looking for a team with at least 15 members who will unlock that mystery chest in the club shop. I want to know what is in it.
Not super competitive, I just play daily until I run out of coins, sometimes that’s quick, other times I can play for hours.

  • Eugenia. Current game icon is gold lifesaver.

Have a look at 'Going Up ’ we are a Gold team that always gets the club shop gift. You would be very welcome

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Take a look at Card smart. We ask 15K per week 5K by Monday and no idle for 24 hrs. We are a fun club that likes to chat. If something comes up and you will be idle more than 24 hrs. we’re ok with that. Just want communication.


Check out GoGetters25 if you can do 10K/week. We are a Gold Club but need 3 more players to get all 6 perks like we used to do.

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Drunken tiki is diamond club we are looking for 2 players 35k week 300 tribs no 24 hr idle must do club quests. We are friendly and chatty team.

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Requested to join and sent you a friend request @500_miles. :slight_smile:

Tipsy Tikis needs 1 more player we always get 6 perks and work on 7 as long as it’s not more than 250k. We also have bank week to take a week off to collect coins and boosters.
We require 4k and 25 tributes daily.
We are a platinum club
Communication is a must if you are on vacay or anything else, we do have a no 20 hour idle unless you let us know you will be idle.
Feel free to look us up
Jenny is our fearless leader

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Got friend request but not seen request to join. Please send again and I’ll look out for it. Regards

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Many apologies, but one of the invitations to join sent out earlier today had been taken up before your request arrived so there isn’t a space any more. Sorry about that

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Okay, thanks for letting me know.

Thanks everyone, decided to join Card Smart.

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I am the leader of Freshly Perked. We are looking for a number of players who actually hit at least 28k points per week and also do not idle longer than 16 hours without notice and contribute to group quests!!! We have been staggering between gold & platinum as we try to rebuild.

Gliding tikis would except immediately

Check out karmashelper

Hostile would love to have you!

Long friends needs daily players. Aweso6 team, friendly

We are Mirs we are looking for a couple good players we are diamond

Joins us in FTLOTG, For The Love Of The Game. We are a team that enjoyed playing the game. I am looking for players that can score at least 20,000 coins per week. There is no questioning, no harassing and no shaming.

You are welcome to come join us at Gliding Tikis!
Happy playing

Glazed Donuts it the perfect club for you. 3K a week minimum, play daily. We have a spot open!!!