Club quests issues

For the past week our club has not completed club quests only half would get completed. We keep track of who maxes in club notes. Today one of my members sent a screen shot of what her club quest was. It’s was for 88,000 club points 20 members and about half was done. On my end it was collect 2,500 red stars 18 members and half was done with that one. Both had the same time remaining. It’s no fun losing all we put into a quest that’s isn’t going to get fulfilled because half the other members have a different one. So what’s going on with quests?


@Jenny_Garrett, I believe that TriPeaks is rolling out an update, hopefully tomorrow, that should fix this glitch.

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This is great but it still doesn’t change the fact that $99.99 was subtracted from me instead of $4.99. I still haven’t financially statisfy for the glitch in your system.

We had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. Sent them a message. They fixed it. However, never compensated our team. We now have the quest in the notes along with who’s maxed.

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My club is having same issue! I also save screenshots

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How do you know when you have maxed club quests?

On the quest screen you get a little green tick in the box to the left of the progress bar, it also flashes up quest maxed. To check your progress on our club quest, you have to be quick when it first loads as it’ll show your progress then show the overall progress of the club