Club Notes / Chat

For those of you who use club notes. Can all your members use club chat or is it just leaders? I am a leader and am the only one who can use club notes. We also have alot of players who don’t even use chat. Which makes it harder :frowning:

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Hi @Sharon_Lindsay, leaders and coleaders can post in club notes, but everyone can read them. I post things like club requirements, point requirements, & “if you need time off, let me know so you don’t get booted” :slight_smile:

Those who don’t check chat, most likely will not see club notes. I wish we can help them more with that, but I haven’t yet found a way to do that :frowning:


Thanks Cindy. I thought that was the case. I use the club notes for important stuff and also post our rank each day so the team knows where we are at. It really helps motivate them. I think the little speech bubble needs to be bigger so it interferes with gameplay lol or a different colour. I do wonder though how many read chat but just ignore it. Lol


We have members that read chat, but rarely ever respond. I’m sure there are players who read chat and ignore it, or don’t scroll all the way back to the last time they checked. I really like the Club Notes to make sure important info doesn’t get lost in the chat.


Oh, I wish we could get them to at least read chat but, Club Notes for my club are where the rules are. I know that most do not read the rules! I put in chat and club notes to please give me their time zone. After, awhile I know they didn 't read it. Frustrating.