Club points for each perk?

Trying to figure out how many club points are needed for each perk. It’s hard to figure out with just the green status bar.

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There is a post about this here is the link



Exactly. I gave up on trying to figure out the perks.

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My stupid question of the day…

Are the 5,000 points given for Perk 1 included in Perk 2 or do you need an additional 15,000 points to complete Perk 2?

I don’t understand the Perk 4 “Wild” or the Perk 6 “Volcano,” but that’s a whole 'nuther thing. I’ll be doing good to figure out the points!! :rofl:

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That’s the amount per perk so if you have earned perks one and two, you should have a total of 20,000 points.

The perks alternate weekly. On one week, perk 4 has a wild card in it and perk 6 has a volcano card in it. This means that they both require more points to earn: perk 4 requires an additional 10,000 points and perk 6 requires an additional 50,000 points. The next week, perk 4 does not have a wild card and perk 6 has a wild card in it instead of a volcano card.

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Thank you, Shae!! We frequently change the Perk Order and this is very helpful information!

Agreed, very helpful! Thanks y’all!