Perk totals required to complete each perk question?

I found this post of course.

I posted these numbers several times in various fb tripeak groups, they are still accurate

As long as the numbers stay the same, feel free to save or share this post to help more players getting the perks by making a play strategy what perks can be accomplished or not

Perk 1: 5.000
Perk 2: 15.000
Perk 3: 35.000
Perk 4: 70.000. (When it has a wild card in it: 80.000)
Perk 5: 150.000
Perk 6: 300.000 (When it has a volcanocard in it: 350.000)

Total: 575.000 (with extra’s in perk 4 & 6: 635.000)

Perk 7:
with a holdcard on Monday: 475.000 (sometimes 450.000)
Extra perk on Tuesday: 250.000
Booster perk on Wednesday. 85.000

Posted originally in 2018. And was stated as being anyways as far back as April this year.
Have things changed or am reading the party wrong? This week my extreme chest is 750,000 so it doesn’t all seem to add up to me

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As far as I know the club points for each perks, perk 7 [depending on what day] and extreme [rewards may change] remains the same. If none of your club members left/were removed, the total of all completed perks will add up correctly; however, if any member left or were removed your club points will show less [affects leaderboard], but perk progess remains.

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I wish they would put a counter on the Perk Meter bar! It would be nice to show some progress!! The green bar seems like it barely moves!!


That can be a feedback that you may want them to know, if you haven’t done so already. Go to MENU in the game and then HELP.

Just to f/u. I did make the suggestion and was told that they would not guarantee to implement the suggestion but would forward
the suggestion to the appropriate dept to evaluate.

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