Club leaders need better management tools!

I hope Scopely reads this post. We leaders need better tools and data for managing our clubs.Right now I have to rely on taking screen captures and calculating points, tributes, etc. to see which club members are meeting their goals. A dashboard that would provide that data to the Club leader/co-leaders would be a tremendous help. Its enough work and responsibility to manage a club, but then to have to stay up at night to see who is getting their quest or not is really asking a lot of us! By tracking such data, we know which members are not pulling their fair share- and our goal is to be fair and for everyone to play hard and to do their part.


You know, ive been playing for 3 years. Ive since been in the stone league. And gold , and platinum. The bottom line is that we are playing in A .money making company. Their whole purpose is to sell you things and they make money. T one of ways to make them listen is to stop spending a penny for anything . The second one is to cross out every ad you see. Either list it as offensive or ignor it


Mike- I suspect that you are right. I would still hope that they would see the benefit of making club management an easier task. Better clubs, better players, more money.


Have you sent a feedback ticket with your suggestion?
Putting the bug in the games ear is the only true way to let them know.


If you think being a club leader and keeping up with your members contributions keeps you up at night “working” and is just is too hard, YOU SHOULD NOT BE A LEADER! - You must be kidding ! Do you have any co-leads to help your poor self?
Yes, I have been a leader of clubs,keeping up with all members stats, dude… it is not that big of a deal :roll_eyes:

Thanks for the support! You must really love Scopely. Not blasting them either, but a community of club leaders asking for some tools to make managing a little easier isn’t a big ask.


Tasha- yes, but we can voice better here as a community. Their help desk persons main job is to handle tickets

Oh and anyone replying as anonymous makes me wonder why you are afraid of using a real name.


I agree, I’ve been a leader for about 4 years. It does get to you some times. The co leaders are a great help. Give your co leaders more responsibility, I do really helps

I thought we should all stop buying double gifts, on double gift day. That has to be their biggest money maker day from the players. If we boycott the DGD one or two times until they fix the game and listen to us, I think it would work. I don’t know of ANYONE that can NOT do their jobs for months (fixing the booting and freezing problem) and have a job, let alone get paid for messing up. They continually thank me for my teams patience, but they can not give extra coins to make up for the loss. Even though all I ask for is the game to be fixed.

Dale I agree with you 150%. It is very time consuming. We may suspect people of not being honest, but unless we have proof, we don’t have many choices. GSN can work on bringing new side games continually, it would not hurt them to help us leaders out. I have been a leader on and off since they made teams and competitions. Some times it does get to you. You spend more time figuring things out than playing the game, and it isn’t fun or relaxing anymore. All we can do is hope and pray they do listen to us AND fix the game also.

To anonymous: if you are a team leader, the stone league doesn’t really count with people in and out all the time or just parking a name in there. I doubt you even try to keep track of anything. There always has to be someone negative, no matter what.

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There is a option for feedback also…
this forum is players helping players mostly.
So if you submit a ticket as feedback that will be seen by game officials it’s not a guarantee it will happen but it puts a bug in there ear.


I agree would be nice to have this

I am the leader of "All are welcome ". The only thing i can do is remove players. I didn’t think we could have better management.

CAubrey- thanks for getting what I was trying to say. The team I manage is really good, and we keep a tight ship, but it takes a lot more time tracking that it could/should. My work job would fire the programmers or get another company to use if they provided such a lack of support to do our jobs! There are many tools that could provide data dashboard information to the club leaders so that we ensure we are being fair and providing the best team enviroment possible. As a minimum I would like to have a live dashboard that shows stats on each players contribution to quests and competitions (Dig # shovels, Race pts per day and total) going back at least 30 days, days and hours they were active, total points/tributes cumulative for each week, total days inactive (such as vacations).

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An afterthought to what i commented is that such dashboard data should be available to everyone on the team. We love transparency, but sometimes the team members dont realize it when certain members are either missing quests or lagging behind.


littlewyo- thats right, that is the only tool we have, and I hate it! Sometimes we remove players that have no clue what they did wrong, and they will never know. We need data dashboards to help make reasons we remove easier for all to see. My wife and I use paper and screen shots and have to manually calculate quests like club points- which means we have to be ready to take pictures/screen shots every time it flips. This should be so much easier! I do have a real job too!

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All of that sounds great! I know they put some kind of CQ “tracking” on, but it hasn’t worked right since the minute they put it on there, lol I think we need to give them credit for trying and hope they don’t mess up our games while trying to fix it. I love your idea of keeping track of their time. I just lost a co-leader over that. Her time gone was always showing she was idle 24 hours or more and she kept saying their (GSN) time was wrong. Ugh it’s one thing after the other. We can dream and keep commenting about things we need, it looks like they are listening!

Curious to know, what kind of CQ tracking did they add?


I’m not aware of any CQ tracking, other than my personal points. As for “they are listening” - the only sound they’re interested in is “ka ching!!!” :money_mouth_face: