Can't log out of Facebook acct on game

I play as leader logged in through facebook, and as a second player on the team not on FB. Since the update yesterday, I cannot get to my non- FB acct to play. I have uninstalled both the game and Facebook, and deleted the app on my FB account, and still nothing. The game has the button that says log in/out of FB but still takes me back to the FB game.
Has anyone experienced this and how did you get it resolved?


I am in the same boat. It has been like this for 2 weeks now and was sent an email back saying they are aware of the issue and should be fixed in the upcoming update. I had to delete my own self from my group just to have an active player :(.

I’m also a leader and I been having the same problems as you, since yesterday. Smh


I also received the same response from support, I have to check my email again, because I don’t remember it saying on the next update. I also had to delete my second me from my club. It’s been a couple weeks for me too.

This was the response I got but not sure when the next update is. This was sent to me on 6/12

Jun 12, 11:58 PM PDT

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us.

We apologize for this technical problem! We have already reported this issue to our development team, this issue should be fixed in our upcoming update.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Tripeaks Support

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Yay! Thank you @Dragonfly! Although, I kind of like not having the extra account lol

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I know what you mean. That was actually my 3rd user account - my other one I am still able to interchange between. But hope they get it fixed soon, lol.

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My game is linked to my correct Facebook accout… but the wrong Google acct. Cant seem to change that so I cant make in app purchases

@CindyLu I still cannot switch between my accounts on my device, I’ve tried everything u said. Is anyone else still having this problem?

@Tiki_Jen_Hart, I think 1 of my devices won’t log out, but I haven’t tried in a while. I’ll check that today, and let you know if it works for me.

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Thanks so much for ur help @CindyLu

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Ok, I am able to log out on all 4 of my devices.

On the 2 devices that I don’t have the FB app installed, I have to manually log in.

On the 2 devices I do have the FB app installed, it automatically logs me in to the FB account that I am signed into.

I don’t know how much you want to play around with this, but you could uninstall the FB app, and see if it’ll let you manually sign in to whatever FB account you choose.

Yes again another great idea I will delete and download fb as well!

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COOL! I haven’t seen this one yet BUT I HAVE seen other things offered new that I hadn’t bf, the game if ever it’s possible is now (that some pretty uncool problems…especially cheating, as I play on two teams but need two devices to do so, so they really fooled us up, we should be able to sign outta both fb and game resign into our different game); anyways off track n all, I meant to say if ever it was possible the game is improving now in such a way that it’s EVEN BETTER! And it was and IS still THE BEST game EVER…AND I HAVE tried ALOT and have others I like to play BUT TRIPEAKING IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PASSTIME AND GAME! And I even think all the changes in the positive directions have made the toxic players and experiences and problems forgotten BUT set a wonderful example that Tripeaks is smart and will not tolerate ANYTHING BUT THE BEST AND FAIREST GAME EXPERIENCE and even our own morale and playing have moved in that same positive directive, I love to mention a fine player and lady whom I respect quite often and we believe that being helpful to each other and paying it forward to those few souls who helped us in the beginning this woman being one who changed the game for me forever in an amazing way I also think she deserves a spotlight place but I’m keeping quiet on her name and watching as we bond together helping ppl who need it where maybe tripeaks doesn’t have time for these lil things learned the hard way at first by us sometimes feeling lost and like quitting are helping these new players and others with questions as well all have tricks tips and strategies(love that as a topic that would forever be used and followed) and there’s nothing wrong with sharing, helping and I’d name it as we call it Pay it Forward!

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LOL @Tiki_Jen_Hart, Welcome to the forum! Lol, your post might cover 5 different topics!

I don’t think I can address everything, but the first thing you mention I think I can help.

I have 4 accounts and can switch between all 4 accounts on one device. When TriPeaks made it so 2 different devices couldn’t log into the same account at the same time, it didn’t inhibit those of us who are playing legitimately.

To switch accounts on a device,
In the game, Log out (Menu, top left, Log Out)
In Facebook, Log out of your account (Menu, top right, scroll down to Log Out)
In Facebook, Log in to your other FB account.
Then go back into the game, and Log in (Menu, top left, Log In)
It should open your other account.

I just realized, you didn’t say you have a FB account for each game account. Do you? If so, that should work for you.

TriPeaking is my all time favorite passtime and game too!!

And there are a lot of great helpful people playing TriPeaks! I love meeting new people and learning from others!

I also love the Tips, Tricks and Strategies category too. I wish they had this forum when I first started playing!

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Lol I know so sorry to be a bother but others say the same as you yet when it reloads account it will only reload the one! So I think I’m going to send them a help request if I still can’t get it to work bc even if I logout of the game and fb n then login to other fb n then go to login to game again, it doesn’t gimme the option to put in my login info only says “you have previously logged into this game tripeaks wants to use this info to load account” ok is the only option n I get only the one game soooo I’ve got to ask them I think why I cannot do this (after I follow your advice step by step again) esp since I have had to give up playing my resting team to keep competing lol…thanks so much for your time I’m gonna give it one more shot n then send them a question on it! Happy Tripeaking! Again sorry for taking up ur time I greatly appreciate the help! Jen :slight_smile:

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And yes I do have separate fb accounts for each game profile!

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@Tiki_Jen_Hart, do you have the FB app installed on your device, or using a browser?

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App installed on the device but I had to delete the saved automatic touch sign in pics to even play my one account?..

I have mine set to automatically log in when I touch my other account pictures, that doesn’t seem to cause a problem for me. As long as I switch accounts, then reload Tripeaks it works.

Just a note, when I exit Tripeaks while still logged in, it’ll reload the one I was playing when I exited. I then have to log out and then log back in again.

But I think I am getting from you, that when you log out, it doesn’t go to a fresh logged out account, right?

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