BEST "STUCK AT HOME STORY" (2020 Heartfelt Holidays Contest)

Post your entries into the Best “Stuck at Home Story” for the 2020 Solitaire TriPeaks Heartfelt Holidays Contest here!

These short (3 to 4 paragraphs maximum) stories should be about how you may be, or may have been, stuck at home for the Holidays and something positive that came out of that situation.

My son was about 15 years old and had surgery on his arm to fix a fracture. It was the day before Thanksgiving so he was stuck at home resting. He was put in a cast. My dad had shingles and my son caught chicken pox from him. He had chicken pox under his cast ( poor guy) and was unable to go any where for Christmas too because of being contagious. It was a bad year for him.


Last Christmas, my car was unfortunately in the shop and I couldn’t go anywhere all day, my family usually has presents In the morning then everyone leaves and comes back for dinner, I was upset since I was home alone because I didn’t feel like being a bother to anyone asking for a ride on Christmas, my dog was pregnant at the time, so it was just me and my dogs, about 2 hours after everyone left I heard my dog crying, I found her and 2 puppies!!! She ended up having about 8!! And that really made my day better since I was able to keep her company and see all the cute little pups!!! We ended up naming them after the reindeer since they were born on Christmas!!! We ended keeping one and named her bear!! Sometimes things don’t go as planned but it turned out great anyways!

I travel for work, back and forth between Chicago and Denver. I live in Chicago and my oldest son and his pregnant wife lives in Denver. Traveling for work allows me to spend more time with my son. Today I received an email from my employers COVID19 manager, who informed me that I was directly exposed to a coworker that tested positive with COVID19 last week when I was in a marathon meeting in Denver. She instructed me to get tested and company policy is to quarantine for 14 day, regardless of my test result as sometimes there are false negatives. This situation has put a damper on my trip to Denver next week, that was planned to be an extended trip so that I could spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my kids. Our tradition has been to spend this holiday together no matter where we live or how far apart. While I do not have any symptoms and I’m feeling bummed out, if anything positive comes from this, I hope that it won’t be a “positive” test result… pun intended. I am and will always be grateful for my son, his health, for finding the love of his life, and for my first grandchild that we are expecting. I am praying that we will be together on Christmas.

My thing
They say a little good comes from everything
I have twice now had the opportunity to try new brands of toilet paper because of the craziness.
I did as a result find one that I actually like better.
Now it’s happening again and they sold out of that one.
Go figure.
Bejond proof.
Who would ever believe that toilet paper would be what they would sell out of FIRST.

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So I’m stuck at home they tell me I have congestive heart failure. But I get to hang out with my best friend my half blind Pekingese. So being stuck at home is ok.

We were stuck at home because of the COVID 19 on Thanksgiving but it turned out good because I was able to clean my home the way I wanted and was able to spend time with the my son and his dad. We ate and talked without the phones.

This last Thanksgiving was the most bittersweet holiday for me. Was supposed to be married April 4 and two weeks before that, lockdown happened and had to cancel everything. My maid of honor passed away 8 days before Thanksgiving so it’s been crazy! However my fiancé and I stayed home this Thanksgiving and it very different but it was SO nice to have it only be the two of us. We cooked and ate too much (LOL) and watched movies. We missed our family but we truly have bonded during this crazy year!!

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Hi, I know something about being Stuck at home" I broke my neck in auto accident 12-28-88. My b-day is 12-29-67 which also makes x-mas a little sad. My name is Donna Marini. I lived on my own at time of accident. When I was discharged from hospital I went back home to my parents house with 2 little brothers 1 younger sister.
The whole reason I moved out. Living there now being paralyzed was the toughest thing I’ve gone through. Depending on others for every little thing we all take for granted. A sip.of water, food, dressing, bathing, help sleeping ugh I did not think I was going to make it. Being “stuck” day after day OMG
This went on for 9 months. Luckily there was finally room at a rehab that taught me to basically live on my own best thing ever.

Saturday night at about midnight, I awoke to hearing CJ coming out of her room, go downstairs, rustle around for a minute or two, then return upstairs to her room. I was on the verge of freaking out because HELLO…MIDNIGHT…STILL AWAKE!!! So I got up, went in her room and started to lay into her. She calmly tried to explain she had left a surprise downstairs for us for the morning and begged me not to ruin the surprise and not go check. So, I took a chance and trusted her, that she wasn’t sneaking around doing something she shouldn’t be (sorry…I’m always on my toes around my two tazmanian devils), or helping herself to a midnight snack. The next morning this was our surprise and I melted.

Teenagering is hard, and parenting a teenager is even harder…and then they have these moments when they show you what they’re really like deep down…and you see and feel the hope…and pray it lasts, or at least the memory of the moment holds you over at least long enough until the next time. This time I have a necklace that will hopefully remind me too. :blush:

The note says:
I made you guys some necklaces.
The bracelet - dad’s
The white and purple - mom’s
The purple - Keegan’s
I hope you like them. I stade up late to make them extra special for you guys. :heart:
If your item breaks plz stop by my office. My office hours are whenever.
Lots of Love

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